How To Apply For A Job At SEH

Go to the Current Positions Page

  • Click “Already Registered? Login here” (it’s under “Login” on the right side of the page)
  • Login (remember that your User Name is the email address you used to register for this site)
  • Don’t remember your login? Try resetting your password for the email address you think you used. You may need to try again with other email addresses you may have used. Otherwise, register again for the site.

Jobs: Applied For

  • This page shows recent jobs to which you have applied. If you have applied for many jobs, you may need to click "Full List" to see them all.
  • Click “Job Search” (either the tab or the link – on the right side of the page).

Jobs: Available Jobs

  • Search for a job either by selecting a Job Category, or entering a Keyword or a Job Number, then click "Go". If there is a match, you will see a list of jobs displayed below the form. You can click on the IRC number in the left column to see the Job Description page. You may click "Apply Now" button to apply for the job.
  • Note: There are two situations where the "Apply Now" button will not display:
    • You have already applied for the job. Check the “Jobs Applied For” page.
    • The job is currently only open to internal applicants (SEH employees). You will have to wait until seven days after the original posting date to apply. Please check back.


  • Review Account: Confirm your account information. Scroll down to add additional documents, employment history, education, qualifications and skills. When you are ready, click "Next".
  • Enter Application Details. Please respond to the Equal Employment Opportunity questions, and click "Next".
  • Review. Please review your information and click "Finish".