Clean Water

Let’s take care of the world’s most vital resource.

Every drop matters. From drinking water to wastewater to water resources, SEH experts help solve water at every stage of its lifecycle.


Tracy Ekola
"This idea flows at the heart of everything we do, everything we believe in: water is life."

Tracy Ekola, PE
Wastewater Engineer and
Regional Vice President

Steve Peterson
"It’s my job to help utilities develop a vision for themselves, and bring them closer to it in the most sensible way possible."

Steve Peterson, PE
Regional Water/Wastewater Leader

Luke Pederson
"Innovation at its best brings together new and old in ways we’ve never seen before."

Luke Pederson
Wastewater Technician

Miles Jensen
"Water is an incredibly valuable resource. Public health is completely linked to wise management of it."

Miles Jensen, PE
Regional Water Leader

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