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Use our online directory to connect to a select list of SEH professionals representing our key capabilities. Search the directory by keyword or capability to connect with the appropriate SEH professional. You may also Contact SEH with questions or comments. If you're looking to contact someone in a specific geographic area, visit our Locations page.

Name Office State
Tom Beattie Tom Beattie, PE Tom leads the Colorado and Wyoming Aviation team and works with general and commercial airport managers and operators on airport improvement projects. Denver Colorado
Mark Benson Mark Benson, PE Mark helps local, county, and state organizations make transportation-related improvements. St. Paul Minnesota
Scott Blank Scott Blank, AIA, NCARB Scott is a Registered Architect with the American Institute of Architects and leads the company’s Architectural team in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. St. Paul Minnesota
Chris Blum Chris Blum, PE Chris leads the Structural Engineering Practice in Wisconsin, and his background includes 20-plus years of bridge and highway design/rehabilitation. Madison Wisconsin
Mark Broses Mark Broses, PE Mark is the co-leader of SEH's Energy and Sustainability team, bringing innovative solutions to help both public and private clients achieve their goals. Chippewa Falls Wisconsin
Gregg Calpino Gregg Calpino, ASLA, LEED AP Gregg leads the Planning and Landscape Architecture Practice in Wisconsin and Indiana. Munster Indiana
David Carlson David Carlson, EDFP As a Principal at SEH, David assists clients with a full range of services to businesses, communities, counties, and economic development organizations across the Midwest. Chippewa Falls Wisconsin
Rick Coldsnow Rick Coldsnow, PE Rick leads the company's Civil Engineering Practice in Colorado and Wyoming. He's been serving clients for more than three decades. Denver Colorado
Patti Craddock Patti Craddock, PE Patti is a Professional Engineer and leads the company’s wastewater team in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. She’s been designing water and wastewater treatment facilities for more than 25 years. St. Paul Minnesota
Joel Dresel Joel Dresel, PE, LS Joel leads the Aviation team in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and South Dakota. He's an airport engineer as well as a Registered Land Surveyor. St. Paul Minnesota
Danny Elsner Danny Elsner, PE, CFM, CPSWQ Danny helps clients by evaluating and designing systems to help manage stormwater and drainage basins and prevent flooding. Lakewood Colorado
Ron Farmer Ron Farmer, PE Ron has specialized in providing geotechnical analysis and investigations for highways, bridges, wastewater and water plants, and levee and flood control structures. St. Paul Minnesota
Darren Fortney Darren Fortney, AICP Darren leads the Transportation Planning Practice in Wisconsin and Indiana and helps clients plan for roadway, bikeways, corridor and highway improvements. Madison Wisconsin
Trevor Frank Trevor Frank, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB Trevor leads the architectural team in Wisconsin as a registered architect in his home state of Wisconsin (as well as seven other states), and is LEED-accredited. Appleton Wisconsin
Chuck Gustafson Chuck Gustafson, PE Chuck leads the company’s Construction Services Practice in Colorado and Wyoming. His background is in transportation systems, stormwater management, water/wastewater, and construction management. Pueblo Colorado
Jim Hanson Jim Hanson, PE, PTOE Jim leads the SEH team devoted to improving transportation systems in Wisconsin and Indiana. Madison Wisconsin
Dan Hedrington Dan Hedrington Dan works with companies in the mining, agricultural and oil and gas industry. Chippewa Falls Wisconsin
Tom Henning Tom Henning, PE, CHMM Tom works with both public clients and industrial and commercial companies to help them develop solutions to manage air quality as well as be compliant with state and federal permitting regulations. Sheboygan Wisconsin
Miles Jensen Miles Jensen, PE Miles leads the Water Practice in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota and has designed more than 70 water treatment facilities and water storage structures across the Midwest. St. Paul Minnesota
Jeff Johnson Jeff Johnson, PE Jeff leads the Structural Engineering Practice in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and designs structures – bridges, retaining walls, flood walls, plants – to be safe, sound and secure. St. Paul Minnesota
Bret Johnson Bret Johnson, PE Bret leads the SEH Transportation group -- highway design, traffic engineering, transportation planning -- in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. St. Paul Minnesota
Rocky Keehn Rocky Keehn, PE, D.WRE, CFM, LEED AP Rocky provides water resources solutions for his clients. He is one of 500 water resources engineers worldwide to be named a Diplomate, Water Resources Engineer. Omaha Nebraska
Kerry Keith Kerry Keith Kerry is the President of SEH of Indiana, a company subsidiary. He leads the company's work in Indiana. Munster Indiana
Mark Kohler Mark Kohler, PE Mark leads the Construction Services Practice in Wisconsin and manages transportation-related projects to a successful completion. Rice Lake Wisconsin
Bob Kost Bob Kost, ASLA, AICP, LEED AP Bob turns spaces into meaningful places – whether that place is a downtown, a waterfront, a transportation corridor, a park, or a plaza. Minnetonka Minnesota
Mike Kraemer Mike Kraemer, PE Mike works with several communities and manufacturing companies across Minnesota and Wisconsin to help provide engineering and design/build solutions. St. Paul Minnesota
Luke Kranz Luke Kranz, PLS Luke is a Professional Land Surveyor and leads the surveying crew in Minnesota. Hutchinson Minnesota
Mike Kuno Mike Kuno, PE Mike is a Professional Engineer specializing in water resources, highway and bridge design projects and comprehensive street and utility design. Sioux Falls South Dakota
Scott Lange, PE Scott Lange, PE Scott has more than 25 years of experience on a wide variety of civil engineering projects. He leads the company's Construction Services Practice in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. St. Cloud Minnesota
Mike Larson Mike Larson Mike works with communities, businesses, and non-profit organizations to develop plans, projects, and to help secure necessary funding. Virginia Minnesota
Jeff Lask, PG Jeff Lask, PG Jeff is a professional geologist with more than 27 of comprehensive environmental experience in the oil and gas industry. His skills include include permitting and compliance, health and safety, and remediation. Denver Colorado
Ron Leaf Ron Leaf, PE Ron helps the clients he works with daily to develop solutions to manage surface water, stormwater, flooding as well as be compliant on state and federal environmental regulations. St. Paul Minnesota
Tim Marko Tim Marko, PE Tim leads the company's Civil Engineering Practice in Wisconsin and Indiana. He also works closely with our clients in the mining industry. Chippewa Falls Wisconsin
Sue Mason Sue Mason, PE Sue leads the Civil Engineering Practice in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. She works with clients to plan and design the infrastructure to help communities operate efficiently. St. Paul Minnesota
Ken Nysether, PE Ken Nysether, PE Ken has more than 20 years of engineering and project management experience on numerous projects in North Dakota. Bismarck North Dakota
Bruce Olson Bruce Olson, PE Bruce helps our clients develop solutions to manage hazardous waste and contaminated sites as well as helping clients be compliant with local, state, and federal environmental regulations. Chippewa Falls Wisconsin
Jeff Pedersen Jeff Pedersen, AIA, NCARB Jeff Pedersen leads the Architectural team in Colorado and Wyoming. He’s a company Principal and a Registered Architect in Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Montana, Texas, and Wyoming. Denver Colorado
Heidi Peper Heidi Peper Heidi is a Community and Economic Development Specialist and works with communities, businesses, and non-profit organizations to develop plans, projects, and to help secure necessary funding. St. Cloud Minnesota
Steve Peterson Steve Peterson, PE Steve leads the company’s work in wastewater services in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. Sheboygan Wisconsin
Pat Planton Pat Planton, PE Pat's expertise includes planning and design of water treatment facilities, preparing water studies, designing water storage and supply tanks, and preparing water system master plans. Appleton Wisconsin
Dan Rathbun Dan Rathbun Dan is the Business Development Manager for SEH's Food and Beverage industry market. He brings more than 12 years of experience in the transportation, energy, sustainability, and manufacturing components of food processing companies. St. Paul Minnesota
Matt Reardon Matt Reardon Matt helps clients in northwestern Indiana and the Chicago-area take ideas and turn them into a multi-million dollar developments. He specializes in leveraging multiple funding sources and bringing together key stakeholders to achive project success. Lake County Indiana
George Robinson George Robinson, RLS George is a Registered Land Surveyor and has worked with engineers, contractors, and clients for nearly three decades. Lakewood Colorado
Scott Sannes Scott Sannes, PE Scott works with a wide array of government, commercial, and manufacturing companies, helping them develop infrastructure, energy and waste management projects. His approach incorporates sustainable solutions that are cost-effective and efficient. Duluth Minnesota
Tom Sear Tom Sear, PE, CFM Tom leads the Water Resources Practice in Wisconsin and Indiana. He works with clients to restore and rehabilitate watercourses. The projects Tom leads result in enhanced flood prevention, improved environmental performance, and upgraded habitat for aquatic species and plants,. Milwaukee Wisconsin
Steve Sletner Steve Sletner, PE Steve is leads the company’s Land Development group and works with commercial, industrial, and public clients on site development-related projects. Minnetonka Minnesota
Tom Sohrweide Tom Sohrweide, PE, PTOE Tom has been with SEH nearly 40 years, is a company Principal and leads the company’s traffic engineering group in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. St. Paul Minnesota
Jon Strand Jon Strand, PE, LEED AP B+C Jon leads the company’sdrinking water team in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. He is a professional engineer with nearly 25 years of experience managing water and municipal engineering projects. Chippewa Falls Wisconsin
Al Sunderman Al Sunderman, PG Al is a professional geologist who works with both public and private clients to conduct environmental studies and to help them be compliant with local, state, and federal compliance and permitting regulations. St. Paul Minnesota
Kirby Van Note Kirby Van Note, PE Kirby leads the Heavy Civil, Environmental Services and Water Resources Practices in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. St. Paul Minnesota
Phil Weisbach Phil Weisbach, PE Phil has been successfully orchestrating the design and construction of transportation-related projects for more than 30 years in Colorado and Wyoming. Boulder Colorado
Paul Wells Paul Wells, PE Paul’s background and experience is in project management, roadway design, roadway modeling, plan preparation, design calculations, construction cost estimates, specification writing, project coordination, design schedules, and project budgets. Denver Colorado
Greg Weyandt Greg Weyandt, PE Greg has been designing and managing transportation-related projects in Wisconsin for more than 25 years. He is also the Highway Design Practice Leader in Wisconsin. Chippewa Falls Wisconsin