Big Heart, Smart Mind, Compassionate Ears Are Key to Success

July 19, 2016

For clients in the public or private sector, getting great results on your project means having a consultant with more than competent design thinking.

In "Building a Better World," an article featured in the Duluthian, SEH President and CEO Sam Claassen, PE, was joined by fellow employee-owners sharing, among other topics, the key to planning, designing and constructing successful projects in today’s sophisticated landscape.

This approach begins by listening carefully to clients, who have a vision for what they need accomplished.

“You have to understand what the customer is saying,” says Claassen, “That means a lot of listening, because you can only help if you understand the goals, the constraints and the challenges.”

Understanding also means being able to complement our clients by helping fill in any knowledge gaps. Full awareness of environmental regulations is one way SEH is supporting our clients, shared SEH Natural Resources Scientist Allyz Kramer in the article.

“We have to make sure that our clients know exactly what they need to do and what the challenges will be,” said Kramer, a certified wetland delineator who has tackled many complex environmental issues.

The Duluthian article featured a range of SEH projects, including an ongoing runway relocation, snowmaking for a popular ski resort, and a low-maintenance bridge lighting design. But the article went deeper than projects; it shared how a dedication to our clients and communities permeates everything we do.

We get to help solve problems and make our community better. We realize this work matters and that people are depending on it.
Matt Bolf, SEH civil engineer

The article also delves into SEH company history and explores how, through both personal and company-wide initiatives, we give back to our communities.

Duluthian is official publication of the Duluth Chamber of Commerce. You can read the full article here

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