AURI, SEH, Industries and Municipal Client Partner to Study Water Reuse

October 1, 2012

Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) initiated and provided financial support to study reclaimed water use for industry, and this case study is a continuation of the efforts to understand and explore the possibilities and potential benefits of water reuse and sustainability practices at industrial facilities. SEH, in partnership with AURI, worked with a rural community and their industries to evaluate water sustainability improvements for the municipal and industrial users.

This community, like many rural Minnesota communities, has more industrial than domestic water demand and wastewater discharges. While each community has a unique composition of municipal and industrial water and wastewater systems, there are common elements that can be summarized to serve as a model for planning future improvements to meet overall economic goals for the community as a whole, both private and public entities.

The report is available on the AURI web site (PDF)


Tracy Ekola, PE

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