Employee-Owner Spotlight: Meet Josh

September 18, 2017


Josh Cotter


Senior Professional Engineer


Highway Design

Why did you choose engineering as a career path? I created the path that I thought gave me the greatest amount of opportunity in my life.

What about engineering drives you every day? The ability for me to work on a diverse group of projects that positively impact the public.

What is the best part of your day when you come into work? Getting that first cup of coffee, then seeing the photo of my daughter on my desktop background.

What motivates you to stay on top of your game? The potential to miss out on exciting opportunities. The more I’m aware of my coworkers’ abilities — combined my own knowledge, the bigger difference I can make for a client.

Since I have joined SEH, I’ve been immersed in new challenges and opportunities. I’m glad to be part of the team!
Josh Cotter

Where do you see yourself/the field going in the future? While the commodities change, the railroad industry is pretty constant. I found that rail traffic ebbs and flows depending on regulations, commodity prices and innovation. I try to keep my finger on the pulse of all three. While regulations lag behind market demands, the combination of commodity price fluctuation and innovation continuously create new industries looking to rail as the preferred method to move their product.

What about railroad projects do you like most? How large of an impact a single individual can make for a client. I also like the vast range of challenges that railroads provide.  

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