Save Time, Money on Wisconsin Projects with Assured Wetland Delineators

When you hire an assured delineator to complete a wetland delineation in Wisconsin your project may move along faster and cost less.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR), the goal of the assured delineation program is to increase efficiency and provide a high level of certainty about wetland boundaries for project planning while saving time in the State review process.

Through this WDNR program, cities, counties, developers, industries, private landowners – anyone planning a development in Wisconsin – have the option to complete the wetland delineation and at the same time expedite the regulatory process. 

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How does this work?

First, do you need a wetland delineation? If there are wetlands, or potential wetlands, on or adjacent to your site, the answer is most likely yes. Anyone planning a development in Wisconsin must know the boundaries of nearby wetlands. 

Second, consider your options. Normally, the WDNR needs to field-verify wetland boundaries before project permitting can begin. This process can take three to four weeks and as many as 60 days during busy seasons. 

Another option is to hire a WDNR assured wetland delineator who can help you bypass the step of the WDNR verifying wetland boundaries. Working with an assured delineator can also save your project money. WDNR field concurrence review fees are presently $300 for every 20 acres of project site, with no maximum cost cap. Additionally, the field delineator typically attends this field concurrence review day. Wetland delineations performed by an assured delineator do not require wetland boundary field concurrence review by the WDNR, saving the client time and consultant costs.

Most importantly, an assured delineation outlines wetland boundaries with a high level of accuracy. This is key to getting projects moving in a timely fashion. Significant delays in permitting can result if wetland boundaries are inaccurate.

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How is an Assured Wetland Delineator designation earned? 

SEH Scientist Renee Wilde, who recently received the hard-to-earn designation, is one of only a handful of assured delineators in Wisconsin. The WDNR Professional Assurance Program has very strict and high standards.

To obtain the designation, applicants must submit six wetland delineation reports from the previous two years' growing seasons. These reports receive technical review by WDNR staff who evaluate the applicant’s demonstration of thorough understanding of delineation methods and procedures and the ability to apply these procedures to challenging field circumstances.  

Additionally, applicants must meet education, training and experience requirements: possess a bachelor’s degree in a wetland-related field, have completed 40-hour wetland delineation training course at a minimum, and have at least five years of professional experience. Assured delineators also follow a strict code of ethics and are expected to complete a series of continuing education requirements after being given the designation.

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Renee Wilde, SEH scientist, is an WDNR assured wetland delineator. The designation helps clients save time and money on projects.

Wrapping it up

Working with an assured wetland delineator in Wisconsin can help your project save money and get permits moving faster as it eliminates the need for WDNR field review. SEH is pleased to announce that Renee Wilde obtained this status allowing SEH to better serve our clients’ needs.

About the Expert

Renee Wilde

Renee Wilde is a WDNR assured delineator and SEH scientist dedicated to helping clients preserve important wetland areas while keeping their projects on track. She has over 13 years of experience in the field of wetland science.
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