Surface Water Centerpiece

The Tartan Crossing redevelopment project combines surface water treatment with a stunning aesthetic centerpiece at an abandoned mall site in Oakdale, Minnesota.

The design provides unique regional treatment of surface water from the surrounding commercial, office and housing development.

For years, the community of Oakdale, Minnesota wrestled with what to do about the crumbling eyesore that was the abandoned Oakdale Mall.

Located on an 18-acre site at a busy intersection, the 180,000-square-foot mall was built in 1984 and had struggled financially ever since. The City purchased the site in 2011 and demolished the mall in preparation for a mixed-use redevelopment effort.

SEH served as the design engineer for the project, working collaboratively with the City and the private development team to develop a site that incorporates significant public amenities within a limited space.

The resulting site includes a unique area that acts like a park when the weather is dry and a stormwater filtration area when there’s rain. It features a multi-celled treatment basin with decorative walls and spouts to direct rainwater through a meandering channel and a landscaped walking path with public seating areas.

The pedestrian walking path (five laps per mile) offers a full-circle view of the features, access to seating locations and a pleasant place for a leisurely stroll.

It also provides residents of the adjacent new assisted living complex (who may have limited mobility) a place to maintain an active lifestyle.

The engineered soils with a subdrain system provide water filtration as well as infiltration. The area is planted with native grasses, flowers, sedges and shrubs, and includes boulevard planters that feature landscape grasses and trees.

With its thoughtful design and public art elements, Tartan Crossing has become an aesthetically pleasing visual centerpiece to one of the City’s main gateway streets.

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