Technology Can Make Engineers More Effective and Efficient

October 31, 2017

SEH CIO Bill Kloster spoke with CIOReview magazine about technology’s role in the architecture and engineering industry.

In Technology is transforming the Architecture and Engineering Industry, an article in CIOReview magazine, SEH CIO Bill Kloster talks about how mobile applications, big data, 3D technology and cyber security intersect with the architecture and engineering fields.

Technology is helping A&E professionals work better and more efficiently. 

The realization that technology enables business value through partnership in decision making on corporate strategy, product selection and content based marketing is critical to the success of most firms.
Bill Kloster, SEH CIO

As the world continues to grow, it looks to the architecture and engineering fields to solve the challenges of everyday life — from renewable energy to water treatment and infrastructure systems.

Read the article in CIOReview magazine

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