Think Big to Keep America Moving

June 22, 2016

SEH CEO and President Sam Claassen, PE, spoke with Business In Focus magazine about big picture solutions to today’s challenges.

In Keeping America Moving, an article featured in Business In Focus magazine, SEH CEO and President Sam Claassen, PE, shared his insight on how employee-owners at SEH develop appropriate solutions. The key is to think about the client’s perspective, and help them develop the roadmap to success.

In other words, it starts by thinking about the big picture.

Without this important step of visualizing and describing the big picture, you could run the risk of developing an innovative solution or approach that in the end does not solve the problem.
Sam Claassen, PE, SEH CEO and President

The article illustrates how big-picture thinking is helping solve real-world challenges, such as aging infrastructure, scarce water, outdated transportation systems and limited energy.

Read the article at Business In Focus magazine.

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