Waterfront Redevelopment: Honoring the Past While Imagining the Future

More cities are turning to waterfront redevelopment projects to transform industrial areas for public use. One common challenge is attracting a wider range of users to the waterfront without disrupting the industries there.

Such is the case in Milwaukee, where efforts are being made to update a waterfront that is also home to the shipping and rail industries.  

It presents some exciting challenges to those tasked with its redevelopment.

According to Ed Freer, SEH landscape architect working on the project, it’s important to think about both the area’s past industrial function, as well as its intended future uses.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to rethink land use, interfacing a working harbor and industrial district with recreational use.
Ed Freer, RLA

Freer, and a multidisciplined team of waterfront experts at SEH, will oversee water transportation planning, coordinating the harbor’s use for shipping, while considering opportunities to open the waters, and shorelines, to recreational boaters.

SEH was recently mentioned in the Milwaukee Business Journal for our involvement in the redevelopment of the City’s waterfront. If you have a subscription, you can read the entire article here

About the Expert

Ed Freer

Ed Freer, RLA, is an urban designer, community planner and waterfront redevelopment visionary. Contact Ed

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