Preliminary Design for East Park

The St. Joseph Parks Commission is developing a preliminary design and associated cost estimate for the phased development of a new park located on the east side of the City.

Designated as East Park in the Park System Plan, the 94 acre area is envisioned to support a mix of passive recreation facilities, ecological restorations and low-impact facilities providing opportunities for individuals, families and groups to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise, and connect with the natural world.

To begin this design process the City convened a community open house on March 21st where people offered suggestions for facilities and programs they felt were appropriate for the park's vision and environmentally sensitive riverside setting.

Following up on that event, an online questionnaire has been developed and is available for through this project web page. Please fill out the questionnaire and encourage your family and neighbors to do so as well.

A summary of input provided will be posted on this web page in early May.

Project Documents

Project Contact

Lead Park Designer, SEH
office: 952.912.2604