Designing 4G Upgrades With Minimal Footprint and Reduced Costs


The City of Marshfield needed to upgrade to 4G wireless service for area residents and businesses, but, with a future reconditioning planned, wanted to make sure the installation was both aesthetically pleasing and had minimal physical impact.


The SEH telecommunications team worked with AT&T’s design engineers and site acquisition representative, as well as the City to design an installation upgrade that was aesthetically less intrusive, but also had minimal physical impact, since the tower is planned for a complete reconditioning. To minimize restoration due to the welding of supportive attachments, SEH recommended mechanically attached antenna support brackets, and firewall grommets instead of welded couplings. This reduced overall costs and contractor schedule.

Project Name
AT&T LTE at Grant Water Tower

Marshfield, Wis.

City of Marshfield


  • Assistance with Lease Language Modifications
  • Preliminary Concept Design
  • Structural Review
  • Field Installation Observation