Strengthening Health, Wellness and Connectivity with a 3-Mile Enhanced Walk and Cycleway


As Rochester, Minnesota, and the Mayo Clinic advance their partnership to transform the City into a premier destination for innovation in health and wellness they recognized the need to support walking and biking as primary modes of transportation within the new downtown DMC (Destination Medical Center) area.


Urban designers, transportation planners and engineers from SEH and Alta Planning + Design collaborated with medical professionals and city planning and engineering professionals to design a three +mile enhanced walkway and protected bikeway. The route provides an attractive, convenient, low-stress system connecting the DMC’s key destinations and attractions to the City’s extensive active transportation network.


  • 2-way protected bikeway with signature colored paving
  • Enhanced walkway buffered from adjacent bikeway
  • Unique streetscape with signature lighting and furnishings
  • Integrated green infrastructure features
  • Consistent branding
  • Close coordination with future bus rapid transit station locations
  • Direct connection to numerous green spaces, parks and trails

DMC City Loop

Rochester, Minnesota

Urban design
Transportation planning
Traffic engineering
Landscape architecture
Water resource engineering