Reconstructing and Revitalizing a Popular Mountain Ski Resort


As part of a multi-phase, 20-year, $100-million master plan project, Purgatory Village Land Co. sought to revitalize its lodging and access options at the base of Purgatory Resort (formerly Durango Mountain Resort) in the rugged San Juan Mountains in Southwest Colorado.


The project team served as lead civil engineers for the site design of the base facility for the ski area. The scope of work included design of a new arrival court drop-off area to accommodate buses and recreational vehicles. A tight urban environment included designing the site amid a number of pre-existing buildings and commercial facilities.

The Purgatory Lodge itself is a mixed-use building constructed in phases and included relocation of major utilities, building demolition, street and pedestrian access designs and integration of a number of privately owned residential and commercial units.

The first phase of the project included approximately 15,000 square feet of commercial use space and 22,000 square feet of club uses, as well as 36 residential condominium units. In addition, there is a 66-vehicle underground parking garage, a pedestrian plaza and skier access considerations.

Additional work included a drainage study and design of a sub-surface stormwater conveyance to a water quality treatment facility and design of the facility itself.

Ongoing work includes the development of out-parcels for residential and mixed-uses over a 20-year period.

Durango Mountain Resort – Purgatory Lodge and Main Skier Base Area Development

Purgatory Village Land Co.


  • Arrival and drop-off area
  • Utility relocation
  • Pedestrian and vehicle access
  • Skier access
  • Stormwater conveyance system
  • Water quality treatment facility
  • 15,000 square-feet commercial use development
  • 22,000 square-feet club development
  • 36 residential condominium units


  • Civil engineering
  • Planning and urban design
  • Stormwater engineering
  • Water resources