Southwest Suburban Denver Water and Sanitation District | Denver, Colo.

SEH assisted in the formation of the Southwest Suburban Denver Water and Sanitation District and preparation of water and sewer service plans. We now provide all-ongoing engineering services required by the District. The utility system consists of over 25 miles of sanitary sewer lines. The District currently serves more than 1,500 residential and commercial customers.

SEH prepared comprehensive maps of the District’s boundaries and sanitary sewer system; completed an inventory of the District’s sewerage piping and hydraulic capacities on one database; developed a wastewater flow model from water use records and added this information to the database; prepared a cost study for development of future sewer service for the entire District; performed sanitary sewer rehabilitation; implemented a program to routinely inspect grease interceptors; and provided design services for various projects, including a 14-mgd wastewater metering station.