Wisconsin Industrial Park Project Funding

Developing a Successful Industrial Park

Industrial parks are market driven. The key to a successful industrial park is learning what the business desires for industrial space. Proper market research will help establish park size, lot sizes, pricing, and covenants/deed restrictions. It will set the identity for your park - light or heavy industrial, mixed, types of businesses, and types of buildings. Once the market research is completed, you then can go to site evaluation/selection, financial analysis, project finance, and finally construction. By following each step, you can be assured of a successful industrial park, with the community enjoying the rewards of the increased property valuation and employment growth.

  • Step One – Market research and planning
  • Step Two – Site evaluation/selection
  • Step Three – Financial analysis and planning
  • Step Four – Project financing
  • Step Five – Construction

SEH community development specialists have identified funding assistance programs for these industrial park projects.

Transportation Economic Assistance (Wisconsin Department of Transportation) Grant

  • CTH M Relocation – Hawkins, Rusk County, Wis.
  • Street and Utility Improvements – Whitehall, Wis. (Also, CDBG-PFED Grant)
  • Industrial Park Roads – Thorp, Wis. (Also, SIB Loan Package)

Community Development Block Grant for Public Facilities for Economic Development

  • Water Tower – Rothschild, Wis.
  • Wastewater Treatment Facility – Whitehall, Wis.
  • Street and Utility Improvements – Ladysmith, Wis.
  • Street and Utility Improvements – Black River Falls, Wis.