Colin Marcusen Garners Esteemed 2019 Act of Excellence Award in Accomplishment Category

December 13, 2019

Colin Marcusen, SEH wastewater engineer* based in St. Cloud, Minnesota, was presented with an Act of Excellence Award (AOE) in the Accomplishment category.

The AOE is an employee recognition program for peers to acknowledge peers for an exemplary act. It was Colin’s depth of knowledge in a particular project, and the confidence and trust he earned from a client that contributed to receiving this annual award.

The following provides a closer look at Colin.

What does the word accomplishment mean to you in five words or fewer?
Successfully achieving a goal.

Briefly describe what you do all day. 
I manage teams that work on reports, designs and construction administration for wastewater treatment projects. What that means is a lot of communication – phone calls and emails – with clients, contractors and SEH team members.

What three traits define you?
I try to be determined while being honest and courteous.

What do you like to do when you are not at the office?
I like spending time with my family and friends, but even better would be hunting or fishing with family and friends.

What would you do (for a career) if you were not an engineer?
This is a tough one. Mowing lawns seems low stress. My wife and I enjoy cooking. Or maybe we just like to eat, so possibly open a restaurant or a food truck.

What do you think is the best thing about SEH?
The people. I laugh at work every day, and I think that's important to being happy in life – especially because you spend so much of your time working. Speaking from a project management standpoint, I am impressed with the level of expertise and support we have from so many different and unique disciplines.

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?
I would like to something profound, but all I can think is how different the world would be if we didn't sleep. Bedrooms wouldn't be needed, and mattresses wouldn't exist. Maybe we'd even work at night and hang out during the day. I'm sure you're looking for a straight forward answer so I'll say, "Spend more time with my family, and hunting and fishing."

*Registered Professional Engineer in IA, MN, ND, SD

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