Act of Excellence Winners
Left to right: Kyle Nelson (Accomplishment), James Coyle (Character) and Alex Berlick (Innovation)

Fall 2020 Act of Excellence Winners: Confident, Resourceful and Action-Oriented

January 26, 2021

At any time throughout the year, SEH employees can recognize colleagues through our employee-led Act of Excellence (AoE) program.

The three AoE nomination categories are Accomplishment, Character and Innovation. Each quarter, AoE committee members select one winner for each category, and these winners receive much-deserved recognition and rewards.

Congratulations to our fall 2020 AoE winners Kyle Nelson, James Coyle and Alex Berlick! Below, we spotlight each employee, including the categories they were nominated for and why. The written sentiments accompanying the nominations came directly from the colleague who nominated each individual.

Kyle Nelson

Selected Winner

Kyle Nelson, Graduate Engineer
Airport Planning and Design
St. Paul, Minnesota

The Act: You should not judge a new team member by their years of experience. Often, “years of experience” indicate an employee’s ability to do specific jobs, what position they should hold, or what project responsibility they should be given. The “years of experience” metric does not capture the drive, the ability to retain information and experiences, and project execution confidence that newer or less experienced employees can exhibit.
As a new graduate engineer with just two years of experience, Kyle gained the full trust of a client, a project manager, and the planning and engineering team to deliver efficient, cost-effective and accurate projects. He proved that with the right attitude, ability, opportunity and support, employees can exceed expectations and the stereotypes of what “new” employees can deliver.

James Coyle

Selected Winner

James Coyle, Field Technician
Wastewater Engineering
St. Paul, Minnesota

The Act: James was at a project site and about to head home when he saw three large cell site batteries on the sidewalk at the bus terminal, located next to the project site. James knew the potential risks, and the contractor had left for the day. He guarded the site and quickly communicated with the responsible parties. James stayed until the contractor returned to properly secure the batteries in the compound. His resourcefulness avoided a potentially serious outcome.

Alex Berlic

Selected Winner

Alex Berlick, Senior Technician
Civil Engineering
Rochester, Minnesota

The Act: Alex brought forth innovative ideas to the civil QA/QC checklist formation. We went from a paper checklist to a customized and linked PDF, and ultimately to a web-based application. The web app solution was a vision Alex had for user-interactive documentation. He presented the team with the idea and gave constructive feedback throughout the formation process. The application is easy to use and present as part of the QA/QC design process. Having an application that creates a database with endless possibilities is inspiring to all of us.

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