SEH Celebrates Our 2021 Annual Act of Excellence Winners

December 29, 2021

We're excited to share that Kyle Nelson, Jim Groebner and Vince Caro have been named the SEH 2021 Act of Excellence award winners! To further spotlight these individuals and just how much they mean to the organization, we asked each a few questions related to their accomplishments.

Kyle Nelson

Annual Winner

Kyle Nelson is a graduate engineer who joined SEH in 2017 with the Airport Planning and Design team. He has spent the last three years providing engineering and construction support at the Duluth Sky Harbor Airport and Red Wing Regional Airport. Kyle is also a commercial pilot, with instrument and instructor ratings.

What does the word "accomplishment" mean to you?

Accomplishment is feeling like I put in the best effort that I could towards a goal, project or task – such that it makes me and my team proud of the work that we do.

Tell us something interesting about yourself. What's a fun fact about you many people may not know?

I am a triplet! I have a brother and a sister that are the same age as me. From us all getting our driver's license around the same time, starting college simultaneously, and having our pilot’s license, I can confidently say we have thoroughly tested our mother's nerves!

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Jim Groebner

Annual Winner

Jim Groebner is a design technician and lead construction coordinator with the Airport Planning and Design team. His 38 years of experience in airport improvement projects includes all phases of development, from preliminary surveys to construction supervision. Jim’s experience on airport construction projects and knowledge as a licensed pilot provides a safe and effective construction environment for everyone involved.

What does the word "character" mean to you?

Character is being a reliable person, true to their word, and treating everybody with respect and dignity. Character means being a friend and mentor to the next generation while giving the older generation the regard they deserve. I want my family to love me, and my friends to respect me. When you get to be my age, entering the sunset of your life here on earth, you worry about these things. I’ve made mistakes in my life, but I’ve learned from them.

When you were growing up, was there a gift for the holidays you really wanted but didn't receive?

A Christmas present I remember not getting as a youngster was a team of horses. Spending time at the family farm, my grandfather kept a team of horses to do small projects around the farm – simple things like dragging logs from the woods. It was great fun for a youngster being around the horses while they were working. It had a huge impact on me, and I convinced myself that we needed horses at home. I dropped every hint that I could to get a team of horses for Christmas, I even cleared a spot in the garage for them. Of course, Santa didn’t deliver, which is probably a good thing because I know better now that I’m older.

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Vince Caro

Annual Winner

Vince Caro is a seasoned and innovative digital designer who collaborates with project teams to convey important messages, ideas and solutions through innovative visual strategies – including video, graphics and animation. His creativity extends beyond visual media – Vince is a musician, music producer and audio engineer in his spare time.

What does the word "innovation" mean to you?

I’ve considered myself a problem solver for most of my career in motion graphics. I’m constantly learning. But “innovation” might come into play when I achieve a result by trying new things. In my case, using new technology and personal experience in other fields such as fine art, advertising and post-production help me solve a problem from a completely different perspective. Sometimes it’s a bit of trial and error, but it’s rewarding google and hopefully beneficial to the company when you find an efficient new workflow.

What song and artist best describes your personality?

“Over Everything” by Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett.

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The SEH Employee Recognition Program Development Committee is an employee-led committee that facilitates the Act of Excellence program. Members of the committee review nominations, select quarterly and annual award winners from each category – Accomplishment, Character and Innovation – with winners receiving a monetary reward.

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