Home to this county’s earliest pioneers, Pueblo resonates with the historic vibration of the steel town it once was. Although the once prevalent steel mills have given way to modern facades, family restaurants and attractions and entertainment options, the city still recognizes its early settler roots. Robust artist districts rub elbows with livestock shows and historic neighborhoods. Food lovers will fall in love with the city’s local, farmer-grown produce, used in the best tasting Mexican recipes around.

The SEH office sits in the iconic Thatcher Building in downtown Pueblo and has amazing views of the Rocky Mountains.

Employees at the Pueblo office work great together, applying their individual skillsets to provide the best solutions for their clients. They eagerly embrace new ideas and alternative viewpoints to get the job done.

We’re a collaborative, inclusive group at the Pueblo office. We truly appreciate each other’s viewpoints and insight. I tell people, ‘The atmosphere is like Google, except without the lounge chairs and foosball table!’