Minimizing Impact of Telecommunications Infrastructure on a Newly Rehabilitated Tower


The City of Cottage Grove, Minnesota, was concerned about the prospect of placing an additional cellular tenant on their recently reconditioned Innsdale standpipe.


The SEH telecommunications team worked with the City, and the carrier’s team including their engineer and contractor, to develop a carefully sequenced method on installation to minimize facility impact while providing for enhanced communications services and a visually clean site. This was accomplished through thoughtful planning that included directional boring for utilities, use of manufactured white-jacketed hybrid cables, co-location with existing carriers with respect to cable routing, and the use of neoprene at points of contact with painted surfaces.


  • Development of new cellular site
  • Modified prefabricated equipment shelter
  • Installation of 12 PCS system cellular antennas
  • Associated remote radio head units (12), and distribution boxes (3)
  • Hybrid (fiber) cabling

Verizon New Build at Innsdale

Cottage Grove, Minn.

City of Cottage Grove