Government Services

Full-spectrum solutions for government.

From local government to federal agencies, SEH engineers, architects, planners and scientists work together to provide valuable solutions.


Our municipal specialists help oversee the day-to-day functions that keep your city, town, or village on the go. We can work as an extension of your engineering staff or as the sole engineering staff in your community. We lead projects: Roads. Sewers. Drinking Water. Buildings. We attend meetings and collaborate with officials and other departments. With team members who have been directors of public works, mayors, city administrators and more, we can lead, follow, or help pave the way.

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Counties meet a wide array of citizens' needs: public safety, snow removal, roads, bridges, landfills, and more. We work with counties to make the best use of taxpayer resources while delivering the planning and infrastructure that affects citizens' lives every day.

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If you lead a planning district, sanitary sewer district, watershed district or other regional agency, you understand the value and importance of collaboration. Our team approach emphasizes stakeholder engagement, and covers all facets of our regional clients' needs, including planning, analysis, design, permitting, and construction assistance.

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When you travel a state highway and arrive safely at your destination, when you catch your limit of fish from a pristine lake, or when your community receives funding that leads to a revitalized downtown, you've been touched by state government. SEH works every day with the transportation, environmental, public funding and other agencies that comprise state government. Together we work toward meeting the challenging and diverse needs that come with serving a broad geography and diverse population.

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Across the nation, SEH engineers, architects, and scientists work with dozens of federal agencies to keep our country safer; our environment cleaner; our air, land and water transportation systems faster and more efficient; and our national parks more informative and accessible. Established teaming and mentor/protégé relationships extend our reach to new geographies and service types.

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At SEH, we're proud to work with Tribes and Tribal Nations to maintain, renew and improve infrastructure assets. Whether you need to provide clean drinking water or build new roads, identify sustainable energy solutions or develop new land for housing or other facilities, you'll find SEH has the both comprehensive knowledge and capabilities to deliver complex infrastructure projects of every kind.