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Third Party Recruiter Disclosure

SEH third-party recruiters, recruitment agencies or staffing agencies notification

SEH will not pay any fees to a third-party recruiter, agency or other staffing vendor that has not first coordinated their recruiting activity with the appropriate member of the Talent Acquisition Department (TAD) and obtained a signed agreement with SEH. The agreement must be signed by SEH’s Chief People Officer via the SEH Talent Acquisition Department to receive any payment for a candidate placement or introduction. No employee or representative of SEH, other than the Chief People Officer, has authority to sign such agreements. Verbal commitments from any SEH staff member, and written commitments from any SEH staff members other than the Chief People Officer, will not be binding upon SEH. The agreement must also be dated prior to the date of resume or CV submission in order for SEH to pay any fees.

Any resume or CV submitted, solicited or unsolicited, to any employee of SEH without having a current, SEH vendor agreement in place, signed by the Chief People Officer, will be considered the sole property of SEH. SEH will not be held liable to pay a placement or other fee in connection with such a submission.

Candidate introductions, resumes or CVs must only be submitted via the TAD and only if: a) a vendor agreement is already in place, signed by the SEH Chief People Officer; and b) the agency has received a formal instruction from a member of the TAD to submit candidates for a vacancy.

It is the responsibility of all third-party recruiting/staffing agencies/vendors to know and follow this policy.