FundStart™ is a team of experts dedicated to providing you with the right resources and guidance.

Provide us with a few pieces of insight, and we’ll connect you directly to an SEH funding expert in addition to potential funding solutions.

How does FundStart™ work?
Project funding is a complex process – requiring care, expertise and someone who understands precisely what your project needs to acquire appropriate funding. FundStart™ is our way of helping you bypass the noise and confusion by connecting you directly with a local SEH expert.

FundStart™ isn’t an algorithm or automated tool; it’s a team of experts committed to helping those in need of insight and direction. Our team is available to answer your most pressing questions – from when specific funding might become available to new and changing regulations, from completing and processing applications to strategically budgeting new funds in a way that best supports your project.

Here is an overview of how the FundStart™ process works:

  1. Complete the brief form to the right. The information will be passed on to a funding expert in your region.
  2. This expert will connect with you to retrieve additional information (if needed), then provide a list of available funding solutions within a few short days – free of charge.
  3. After receiving the potential solutions, our team remains available should you need additional support or seek a more dedicated partnership.

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