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We're Hiring

Recruitment Fraud Advisory 

At SEH, we're committed to protecting job seekers from recruitment fraud.

Recruitment fraud often involves offering fake job opportunities and is typically executed via unauthorized websites, emails, text messages, or fake interviews conducted through online messaging platforms, falsely claiming to be from SEH.

Should you encounter requests for personal, financial, or security information, be cautious. Such communications could be scams by individuals pretending to represent SEH, possibly leading to identity theft or other frauds. If you receive dubious texts, emails, or messages, please report them to the FBI's Internet Crimes Complaint Center at

Consider the following when assessing the legitimacy of communication purportedly from SEH or an SEH representative:

  • Genuine SEH job openings are listed on
  • Any job listing not found on our careers page or that does not redirect to our official job portal is likely not authentic.
  • SEH does not use text messaging for recruiting.
  • SEH recruiters will not ask you to download or use a third-party app (such as Discord).
  • We never request bank account or credit card details, passwords to financial accounts, or ask candidates to purchase equipment or software.
  • If additional information is needed during the recruitment process, applicants will be directly contacted by an SEH recruiter or hiring manager with an email address.
  • We encourage verifying the credentials of anyone claiming to represent SEH by verifying their email is their first initial, last name, and the email address ends in While the name may be valid, the email address associated may not be. All official SEH email addresses end with
  • SEH makes job offers only after a thorough interview process, which may include phone or video interviews. Our official emails include direct contact details of the recruiter, including an email address with
  • Be alert to unusual or incorrect grammar, as it can be a sign of fraudulent activity.