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About Us

As an employee-owned collective of engineers, architects, planners, and scientists, SEH is driven to provide technically advanced, sustainable solutions for government, commercial, and industrial partners nationwide.

Our Core Purpose: Building a Better World for All of Us®

At Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. (SEH®), our 900+ dedicated employee-owners are united by a shared vision to create positive, lasting change. We are deeply committed to fostering an equitable environment and building safer, more sustainable infrastructure for governments, industries, and businesses across the nation.

By embracing technology and delivering climate-sensitive design solutions, we strive to improve lives, enhance communities, and establish a legacy of positive change.

From our headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota, to projects from coast to coast, we harness the power of our multidisciplined expertise to create thriving communities that bring people together. 

900+ Employees
32 Offices
97 Years in Service

SEH Difference

At SEH, we pride ourselves on unique approaches that enhance both the community and environment. As employee-owners, we are invested in our projects and committed to providing advanced tools and tailored solutions for complex challenges, ensuring every aspect of our work is forward-thinking and impactful.

Personally Invested Employee-Owners Difference-EmployeeOwner

Our employee-owned model deepens our commitment to environmental stewardship, client satisfaction, and mutual respect among staff, enhancing project success and community impact.

Full-Service Expertise Difference-FullService

From start to finish, our multidisciplinary team blends diverse practices including engineering, architecture, planning, and environmental science to address complex challenges with comprehensive, innovative solutions.

Environmental Stewardship Difference-EnvironmentalStewardship

Integrating eco-friendly designs and practices into our projects, we are committed to promoting sustainable development and minimizing environmental impact. 

National Network of Community-Specific Solutions Difference-Network

With a tailored approach, we focus on the specific needs and challenges of the communities we serve. Drawing from our national network of expertise, our regional practices deliver local solutions with the greatest impact.

End-to-End Digital Solutions Difference-DigitalSolutions

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and visualization tools, we help clients and stakeholders better understand project impacts and schemes throughout the planning, design, and construction phases. 

Regulatory Guidance Difference-Guidance

We offer significant expertise in navigating complex regulatory environments, ensuring that projects comply with all applicable laws and regulations while optimizing project timelines.

Historically Proven Foundation Difference-Foundation

Building on our rich heritage, we leverage nearly a century of industry experience to deliver exceptional, reliable services grounded in a legacy of trust and expertise. 

Our Values

We speak and act with honesty and integrity with one another, our clients, and the public.
We treat one another, our clients, and the public with respect. We think the best of one another. We value others and their opinions.
Our business is meeting the needs of others. We will meet those needs on schedule and create lasting, sustainable value for our clients.
We take responsibility for our words and actions.

Public Sector Clients

In the public sector, the stakes are high and the needs are diverse. From municipalities to government organizations, federal agencies, state agencies, public utilities, and Tribal Nations, SEH is committed to serving as a trusted partner – advancing infrastructure needs while being respectful of history and culture.

Let us guide you through the process. Together, we can make a lasting impact.

  • Federal Agencies
  • Counties & Municipalities
  • Public Utilities
  • State Agencies
  • Tribal Nations

Federal Agencies

At SEH, we have decades of experience supporting the federal projects that are most important to you.

Serving numerous federal clients, we have partnered with a wide range of government organizations on many indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract projects. This includes agencies across the federal spectrum, from the Department of Defense and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Bureau of Land Management.

Across the nation, our engineers, architects, planners, and scientists are committed to helping you keep our country safe; our air, land, and water clean; our transportation systems efficient; and our national parks accessible and informative.

View Federal Partnerships


Established teaming and mentor-protégé relationships extend our reach to new geographies and service types, furthering our commitment to you – the communities and agencies we serve. We’re dedicated to working on your behalf while navigating the complexities of federal projects to serve citizens across the US.

View Joint Ventures

Counties & Municipalities

We are dedicated to the health and well-being of your community, committed to serving as your collaborative, transparent partner. 

Counties and municipalities meet a variety of citizen needs: public safety, snow removal, roads, bridges, landfills, and more. We partner with you in these efforts by making the best use of your taxpayer resources while delivering the planning and infrastructure needed. Our on-call planning services ensure your community has the consulting services you need. With 900+ employees across 47 states, we are part of the fabric of the communities we serve.

From new roadways to clean water solutions, improved infrastructure, environmental assessments, and beyond, we can help lead you seamlessly through the process – from regulations to ribbon cutting.

Public Utilities

Together, we can keep your lights on, water running clean, and the public protected.

Public utilities are the unsung heroes of our communities. Whether rural or urban, you provide the services that keep our communities connected, safe, and operational. From water tower maintenance to repairing power lines buried beneath the earth, at SEH we are experienced in public utilities and partner with you to optimize these services.

State Agencies

Like you, we reside in the states we serve and are proud to call them home.

From the transit systems that connect our cities to the bridges spanning our landscapes, multimodal roadways making our communities safer and more efficient, and the public engagement needed to achieve key buy-in – we are here to help design the systems you need, making home a place of pride. 

Tribal Nations

At SEH, we prioritize building respectful, trusting relationships with our tribal colleagues.

Our team understands the importance of balancing infrastructure needs with sensitivity and respect for history and culture. We closely collaborate with our tribal partners to deliver projects that reflect our shared values of respecting the land, caring for the community, and implementing sustainable measures to protect and preserve natural resources for future generations. 

Partnering with tribal nations across the country, our full-service team has a deep understanding of the unique challenges and regulatory complexities associated with working on tribal lands. We have successfully completed projects with tribal nations and, when necessary, advocated on behalf of our tribal clients during federal, state, and local agency interactions.

With comprehensive knowledge and access to multidisciplinary expertise, we have collaborated with over 25 tribal partners, providing tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each individual tribal nation.

"I chose SEH for its strong sense of community within the organization and its excellent growth opportunities."

Carolina Rodriguez
Architectural Designer

Private Sector Clients

In the dynamic world of the private sector, SEH stands ready to bring your vision to life – immersing ourselves in your world to understand your unique challenges and opportunities. By integrating innovative technologies with sustainable practices, we ensure that your projects are future ready. Whether it's designing state-of-the-art facilities, optimizing land use, ensuring environmental compliance, or navigating the complexities of large-scale industrial operations, our team is equipped to lead the way.

Let’s create something exceptional together.

  • Commercial Services
  • Food and Beverage
  • Land Development
  • Health Care
  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas

Commercial Services

At SEH, we deliver tailored site, financial, environmental, and architectural solutions to create seamless development projects.

For creators of multi-use properties, residential establishments, or other large-scale developments, we are the resource you can count on to help plan and build a successful project. If you need speed, our experience empowers us to hit the ground running. Scope changes? We’re flexible. Financing challenges? Our team has the expertise to identify creative yet practical solutions.

We find opportunities to save you money, build more efficiently, and connect your goals with the infrastructure needed to bring your visions to life.

Food and Beverage

At SEH, we help companies create value and minimize costs by optimizing resources and reducing waste.

We support our food and beverage clients by analyzing the entire production chain to uncover how waste can be reduced, reused, or eliminated. Our engineers and scientists then develop innovative solutions that help clients capture and convert production wastes to generate heat for buildings and process water; reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and limit dependence on fossil fuels without sacrificing economics.

Land Development

Happy owners. Happy developers. Happy customers. Increased ROI.

These traits are the root of success when it comes to land development – and we're capable of delivering them. From dense urban infill projects to single-family neighborhoods, regional shopping districts to quaint mixed-use centers, we're experienced in a multitude of development projects.

Our multidisciplinary team understands the needs of each type of development, from concept to completion. Known for creating vibrant, sustainable places, experience the collaborative approach of our award-winning planners, landscape architects, and engineers.

Health Care

Prioritizing health care is an investment in your people and your future.

From ideation to delivery, project funding to construction services, we are here to create facilities that protect and nurture your communities for the long term. We also understand that investing in health care facilities is no small task. With a full-service, multidisciplinary team experienced in environmental sciences, civil engineering, public engagement, permitting, regulations, and everything in between – we will protect your investments and ensure your projects come to life as planned.

Hotels and Hospitality

At SEH, our ultimate goal is to design spaces for you that encourage guests to come, stay, and return.

Our ability to meet this goal is one reason why we are a trusted, single-source solution for designing, creating, and building hotel and hospitality projects. With architects and designers experienced working with most major hotel flags, our projects range from unique boutique hotels to standard prototypes and low- to high-rise projects.

We bring a wealth of resources to your fingertips with our multidisciplinary team – including the expertise of building architects, civil engineers, landscape designers, mechanical and electrical engineers, environmental scientists, lighting experts, and other specialists. Whether you prefer the design-bid-build approach or design-build method, we’re flexible, capable, and ready to serve your needs.


Greater efficiency? Increased capacity? Lower costs? From funding through design and construction, we will ensure you meet your project goals.

At SEH, we work with diverse industries to solve water, wastewater, environmental, building, and site challenges. We tackle complex projects including large turnkey projects by offering a range of technical disciplines and alternative delivery methods. Ultimately, no two manufacturing facilities are the same. We customize our approach to deliver the value you need, when you need it.

On a daily basis, we work with state and local regulators, contractors, and other key stakeholders. This expertise is invaluable in helping partners like you navigate the many requirements of constructing a new facility or expanding an existing one.


At SEH, we provide start-to-finish mining services, whether you're planning a metallic mineral extraction, contemplating a non-metallic operation, or closing and reclaiming a completed quarrying operation.

We understand that delivering materials to the market safely and efficiently is critical to success, and we find ways to help you keep the process moving before shovels hit the ground. Our process involves strategic environmental management and stakeholder engagement.

Our infrastructure and facility expertise ensures seamless construction. Once operations begin, our engineers and environmental specialists continue to follow up to address any potential issues. When your project is complete, our natural resources services team is there to help implement closure plans that extend the asset value of your property.

Oil and Gas

At SEH, we partner with companies like yours to successfully undertake and overcome permitting and compliance, site development, transportation, and other oil and gas challenges.

Companies facing increasing environmental regulations, erratic climates, shifting commodity prices, and more are finding value in our single-source expertise. Whether downstream, midstream, or upstream, our experts work closely with you to provide seamless and timely project execution.

We help refiners, distributors, and retailers bring gas, diesel, jet fuel, asphalt, lubricants, and other petrochemicals to market. Our experience includes the development of crude oil, natural gas, and propane infrastructure from permitting through construction.

We offer end-to-end services to midstream oil and gas clients across North America, from early planning and permitting through project commissioning, operational support, and regulatory compliance. Our integrated approach is the result of decades of experience undertaking projects that require corridor routing, transload siting, project development and functional support.

Our community involvement and government relations experts are available to help you navigate the often complex and expensive review and approval processes.

Our scientists, geologists, and engineers assist exploratory drillers and well developers by surveying and permitting well sites; providing construction management and civil design services for transportation infrastructure and well sites; and obtaining and completing the environmental and other permits and reports required to meet regulatory requirements.

"At SEH, the project opportunities and career growth are outstanding. The experience and expertise of our water and wastewater teams, combined with a real commitment to work-life balance, make it a great place to work."

Dave Lisle
Project Engineer

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