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Giving Back

Giving Back

And not just in our daily work as engineers, architects, planners and scientists. It’s also evident through our daily efforts as community members and volunteers. It’s the spirit of giving.

We're committed to giving back.

At SEH, we believe in strengthening our communities.


Our corporate contributions are guided by the true heart of our company, our employee-owners. And to support the voice of our employees, engage them toward a common cause of giving and to focus company charitable contributions, SEH sponsors two specific annual causes – cancer support and food assistance.

Cancer Drive

Each spring, employee-owners raise money and awareness to help fight cancer.

Food Drive

Each fall, to help feed the hungry, employee-owners from across the organization donate food and funds to a local food shelter or similar organization in their community.

Company match

To help further our philosophy of Building a Better World for All of Us®, employee-owner contributions generating $10,000 or less result in a dollar-for-dollar match from SEH. Employee-owner contributions exceeding $10,000, will result in an SEH donation of $20,000 per campaign.

Employee-supported causes

Individually and collectively, our employee-owners make contributions to non-profit organizations throughout the United States and abroad through charity, volunteering, fundraising and more. To learn more, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (click icons at the bottom of this page).