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Highway Design

Highway Design

Keeping our minds on the road.

We work with partners and agencies to design safer and more functional highways.

At SEH, we understand how to keep the many moving parts of your project working together. Whether traffic and corridor enhancements, bridge and interchange designs or erosion and sediment control, we bring focused expertise, diverse experience and a collaborative process that leads to creative solutions, improved mobility and safety along your highways.

SEH highway designers create specifically tailored solutions that meet the needs of public agencies, communities and all stakeholders. From surveys and right-of-way acquisition through design and construction, we help you through complex regulatory, operational, funding and environmental processes with integrated teams working together. We keep our minds on the road.

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Highway Design


March 22, 20246 min read

Sustainable Urban Streets: 7 Tips for Successful Green Design

Explore sustainable urban development through the lens of Grand Rapids' Vital Streets program, where collaboration, plant selection, and community engagement pave the way for eco-friendly spaces.
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March 22, 20246 min read

Top A/E/C Trends: SEH Insights for 2024+

SEH experts have their fingers on the pulse of trends impacting the AEC industry and are excited to share their thoughtful insights. We invite you to watch video highlights from our experts, showcasing eight key trends impacting 2024 and beyond!
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August 18, 20224 min read

Three Ways to Improve Water Quality on a Street Reconstruction

Street reconstruction projects are major undertakings for cities large and small.
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August 15, 20223 min read

This DOT is Keeping Everyone Safer With a Wildlife Crossing

With some of the highest wildlife vehicle collisions in Colorado, CDOT implemented a unique approach in La Plata County that’s keeping people and animals safe.
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August 11, 20226 min read

The Amazing World of Interchange Designs

From diamonds and roundabouts to cloverleaves and directional stacks – each interchange type offers its own unique benefit.
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August 9, 202210 min read

How 4 Communities one DOT a Rail Authority a Utilities Commission and a Taconite Mine Worked Together to Move a Highway

Per a 1960 agreement, the State of Minnesota had to move Highway 53 so a nearby taconite mine could exercise its right to continue operations.
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August 3, 20229 min read

Driverless Vehicles Set to Change the Way We Design Our Roadways?

While their aerial counterparts are still primarily in the conceptual phase, the technology to not only build, market and sell but put driverless cars on our streets is already here.
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August 3, 202211 min read

Cell Phone Data Makes Traffic Analysis and Transportation Planning Easier

Traffic studies and transportation plans may have gotten easier. A digital traffic engineering and planning solution offers a new approach.
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August 3, 20222 min read

City Conquers Decades-Old Divide With Breakthrough Pedestrian Bridge Project

What began decades ago as a footpath across railroad tracks, this bridge now spans an active rail yard, and bikes and pedestrians can cross safely.
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