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Asset Management

Asset Management

Save with Sustainable Asset Management Solutions

Maintain, repair, restore, or replace – we deliver optimal results for your buildings.

Our team of experts specialize in roofing services, intersecting innovation and sustainability to develop and implement cost-effective, life-extension solutions that preserve and safeguard your assets.

Using patented NASA-rated aerial infrared thermography to assess your roof, we develop a preventative site management strategy and make informed recommendations to protect your facility and investment, saving you time, money, and waste.

Aerial Infrared Thermography
Aerial Infrared Thermography
Aerial Infrared Thermography
Aerial Infrared Thermography
Aerial Infrared Thermography
Aerial Infrared Thermography
Aerial Infrared Thermography

As part of our assessment, we perform two aircraft flights: one during the day to collect high-resolution roof images for the report and one after sundown to capture an infrared roof scan. This allows us to apply our patented process to identify any hidden moisture in your roof with significant accuracy and efficiency, delivering the following:

  • High-resolution daytime digital images
  • Nighttime thermal images
  • Colorized (blended) digital images showing areas of suspected substrate moisture and areas requiring additional investigation
  • Approximate area (square feet) of the suspected wet substrate
  • Additional findings and recommendations, as noted from the scan

With the ability to accurately assess the status of your roof’s condition and pinpoint the location of hidden moisture, we often discover a full replacement isn’t necessary.  We then mobilize our team of experts to provide you with solutions to meet your needs and extend the life of your assets.

To date, our services have helped divert millions of dollars in functional roofing materials from landfills, not only saving our clients' money, but helping to meet sustainability goals.

Additionally, our patented cutting-edge infrared process can be used to assess and develop management plans and capital programs for:

  • Pavement
  • Lighting
  • Steam lines
  • Energy efficiency
  • Building enclosures and equipment

See how our streamlined process, patented technology, and industry-leading expertise can help protect your investments and meet your objectives.

RAM Companies

SEH’s subsidiary RAM Companies is a fully accredited and certified roofing company with Registered Roof Consultants (RRCs) and Registered Roof Observers (RROs) certified through the International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants (IBEC), ensuring the highest quality industry standards. With a condition-based approach built upon information, implementation, and continuation, we proactively and systematically deploy tailored solutions that minimize capital, operating, and maintenance expenditures, while reducing energy consumption. 

With a focus on optimizing and extending the life of your assets, we pinpoint problem areas – reducing costs and exercising environmental responsibility by keeping debris out of landfills.

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