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Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering

Smarter, safer roadways.

Whether city streets or rural intersections, we're engineering ways to keep everyone moving safely and efficiently.

At SEH, we address current and future traffic concerns by improving traffic flow and increasing safety for today's complex multimodal roadways, roundabouts and intersections. We make the most of technology and expertise to accurately assess traffic impacts and provide methods for lessening these impacts through strategic improvements to traffic operations.

Using traffic modeling software, we analyze and design roadway and traffic signal operation improvements that help maintain safer traffic flow throughout our city streets and rural communities. We bring a total team approach focused on building strong, productive partnerships with our clients and all stakeholders involved. We believe that the most effective transportation projects arrive at the intersection of technical expertise, excellent communication and responsiveness.

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Keeping people and goods moving.

At SEH, we help clients accommodate limited budgets and growing traffic through strategic signalization.

In a time of tight budgets, clients look for ways to ensure their roads accommodate more vehicles at an affordable cost. Coordinated signalization may be the best route to achieving this goal. Evaluating, designing and installing signalized intersections and coordinated signal systems can alleviate traffic congestion, minimize delays, reduce pollution via vehicle emissions and improve traffic flow.

SEH is a leader in this field. Through our expertise in signal design and control, we maximize the benefits of these systems – including reduced congestion, reduced delays, reduced pollution and vehicle emissions, improved traffic flow and efficiency, and accommodation of more vehicles on existing roads.

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Traffic Engineering


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