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Fully invested in your airport’s every need.

Our diverse team of planners and engineers focuses on collaboration and innovation to create a better airport experience.

While many of us are pilots, each of us on SEH’s airport team are trusted leaders. We help chart the long-term future of your airport through strategic planning, environmental, architecture, design, construction and administrative services. More than 120 general aviation, commercial, reliever, and private airports across the country have relied on SEH. Yet to us, every airport is unique.

Safety is always top of mind. We nurture strong relationships with regulatory agencies and strive for maximum funding. From start to finish, your airport will receive our full range of planning and engineering services.

Air Service Consulting

Unlock your airport's full potential.

Duluth International Airport

With decades of collective industry experience, our specialized air service development consulting team works hand in hand aligning our clients’ business strategies with long-term goals.

As liaisons between airports and airlines, we craft insightful business case presentations, offering key data on domestic trends, network planning, and fleet strategies. We advise on incentives and financial support packages, ensuring sustainable growth.

Airports nationwide have relied on us for comprehensive services, from strategic planning and forecasting techniques all the way through negotiations and project implementation. Discover the SEH difference – where innovation meets collaboration, propelling your airport to new heights. 

Related Services

  • Airline negotiations
  • Airport planning
  • Business case presentations
  • Competitive analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Domestic Forecasting
  • Financial support packages
  • Fleet planning
  • Incentive policies
  • Market analysis
  • Marketing strategies
  • Network and route planning
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Strategic planning
  • Trend analysis

Airport Architecture

Safe, energy-efficient and functional airport buildings.

Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport

At SEH, we have extensive experience delivering building design and construction services at airports across the country.

Creating safe, energy-efficient and functional airport buildings from the inside out can be accomplished through our of LEED-accredited designers, in-house site planners, landscape architects, lighting designers and environmental specialists.

Our aviation architects are adept at finding cost-effective ways to incorporate sustainability objectives and the industry’s latest technologies to make airport buildings run smarter and last longer.

Related Services

  • General aviation buildings
  • Terminal buildings
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Air traffic control towers
  • Fixed base operators (FBO) facilities
  • Snow removal equipment (SRE) buildings
  • Interior design (ADA compliance)
  • Landscape architecture
  • Sustainable design
  • Space needs and space eligibility studies

Airport Planning

Innovative planning back by a full-service team.

St. Paul Airport

The SEH team crafts solutions to meet your complex airport planning and public involvement needs. 

Our bench strength makes SEH unique – engineers and planners collaborate on every airport project. We’ve completed more than 150 high-quality, inclusive airport planning studies nationwide by focusing on collaboration, proactive engagement, safety and sustainability. Together, we’ll take the steps you need to take to meet your goals and needs.

Related Services

  • Action plans and capital improvement program (CIP) updates
  • Airport layout plans
  • Airport master plans
  • Airspace analysis
  • Economic impact studies
  • Environmental studies and assessments
  • Feasibility studies
  • Financial analysis
  • GIS database and mapping
  • NAVAID siting/installation
  • Private airports
  • Private runways
  • Rotorcraft/heliport planning
  • Site evaluations
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Statewide and regional system plans
  • Surface transportation planning
  • Terminal area and FBO planning
  • Zoning and regulatory ordinances

Airport Environmental

Full range of services to simplify a complex process.

Duluth Sky Harbor

Our environmental scientists and engineers partner with you to ensure compliance and protect your land, air and water resources.

Balancing the needs of your communities and businesses with the needs of the planet requires swift action and smart choices. No matter the demands of your project, SEH will help you meet all federal and state environmental regulatory requirements. Every year, our dedicated environmental staff works closely with our aviation team on 30+ airport NEPA documents.

We will help you navigate permits and environmental reviews, evaluate the required impact categories, and produce environmental documents from master plan environmental overviews to environmental assessments. We delineate wetlands and areas of protected species. Our knowledge and experience will help you complete any environmental documentation process accurately and efficiently.

Related Services

  • Categorical exclusions (CatEx)
  • Environmental assessments
  • Environmental assessment worksheets (EAWs)
  • Wetland delineations
  • Mitigation design and monitoring
  • Environmental permitting and compliance
  • Due diligence
  • Air quality services
  • Invasive species management
  • Solid waste management
  • Stormwater engineering
  • Habitat restoration
  • Remediation and redevelopment
  • Stakeholder engagement

Airport Engineering and Construction

Engineering sustainable, operations-friendly airports.


At SEH, we have provided airport engineering and construction services at more than 100 general aviation, reliever, commercial service, and private airports across the country.

As aviation specialists, we are intimately familiar with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) project documentation and standard requirements for the design and construction of airport projects. Our aviation team works exclusively on airports, always including aviation safety and construction phasing considerations in our designs to ensure seamless airfield construction projects.

Our team also routinely provides design and construction services for projects that occur outside of the aircraft operation areas, such as municipal utilities and automobile parking and access areas. We're committed to sustainable design solutions and understand how our actions intersect with the environment – locally, regionally and globally. We include sustainability best management practices in our airport projects to safeguard the environment, conserve energy and resources, minimize waste, and limit impacts to the surrounding environment.

Related airport design services

  • Airfield/landside design and construction
  • Runway and taxiway design and construction
  • Pavement design and recycling
  • Pavement management and rehabilitation programs
  • SPCC plans
  • Airfield signs, lighting and NAVAIDS
  • Mass grading drainage projects
  • Access roads, parking and ramps
  • Land surveying
  • Surface water/wastewater
  • Solid waste management

Related airport construction services

  • Materials testing
  • Contract administration
  • Construction observation
  • Construction supervision
  • Project documentation
  • Operations support

Our Team

SHAWN MCMAHON, PE* Leader of Airport Planning and DesignSenior Project Manager
Lead Corporate Pilot
*Registered Professional Engineer in MN, WI, IA, SD, VA
KACI NOWICKI Market Leader of Airport Planning and DesignLead Planning and Environmental
Senior Project Manager
Focus: User experience, innovation, agency coordination
MIKE BOWN Managing Director, Air Service Consulting

Focus: Air service development, network planning, forecasting, competitive analysis, air service development, operations

CHRIS WARREN Managing Director, Air Service Consulting

Focus: Air service development, network planning, forecasting, competitive analysis, air service development, operations

LINDSAY REIDT, PE* Lead Airport EngineerSenior Project Manager
Focus: Complex airport infrastructure, reliever airports
*Registered Professional Engineer in MN
MELISSA UNDERWOOD Lead Airport PlannerSenior Project Manager
Focus: Stakeholder engagement, airport management
ALEXIS SCHMIDT Airport Design LeaderFocus: Airport design, funding, construction administration
TIM WEGWERTH, PE* Senior Airport Engineer

Senior Project Manager
Focus: Municipal engineering, utility coordination, construction
*Registered Professional Engineer in MN, WI

Contact Us

To speak with a member of our team or learn more about our services, please fill out the contact form.




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