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2020 Amazing Projects Video

2020 Amazing Projects – Moving Forward Together

Despite the many hardships of 2020 – you remained steadfast and resilient. You continued to renew critical infrastructure, worked to keep the nation’s water safe and clean, and found economic ways to help our communities thrive.

You also kept our people moving forward. At SEH, we greatly value your partnership and the opportunities you’ve given us to help move the world forward. The video above showcases the amazing things that can be accomplished, and how no challenge is too big, when we unite behind a common cause. Thank you for keeping our world moving!

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • New kind of multi-family development (0:46)
  • Historic 1,700 ft. bridge replacement (1:42)
  • Innovative water treatment plant rehabilitation (2:52)
  • Climate resilient, 13-year runway relocation (4:01)