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How to Plan and Deliver a Better Engineering Project

How to Plan and Deliver a Better Engineering Project [eBook]

Practical tips, key steps and industry trends.

Every A/E project features its share of challenges. Your ability to overcome these challenges and achieve a successful project hinges on the decisions you make. We want you to have the information you need to make the right project decisions, whether undertaking in-house or in partnership with a consultant.

Better Engineering Projects eBook preview

We’ve created the How to Plan and Deliver a Better Engineering Project eBook to do just that. Developed in partnership with project managers, senior engineers, community engagement specialists, former public works directors and technology savants, this 50-page eBook features:

  • 10 A/E trends re-shaping the public and private sectors
  • Hiring a consultant? RFP tips, proposal warning signs and key interview questions
  • The definitive traits of a better project manager
  • Technology’s rising role in key phases of your project
  • Project delivery types: which method is best?
  • How to identify a quality quality management plan
  • Tips to inspire equitable community and public engagement

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Are you prepared to make the decisions necessary for your next A/E project to succeed? We’ve got you covered – our experts offer specialized project guidance and leverage industry trends to overcome challenges and help your next project deliver. Connect with us by using the form provided below.