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Honoring SEH Act of Excellence Employee Recognition Program Fall 2023 Winners

At SEH, we take pride in recognizing the outstanding contributions of our team members through the Act of Excellence (AOE) program. This initiative reflects our commitment to fostering a workplace culture that values and celebrates achievements. The AOE program recognizes individuals in three key categories: Accomplishment/Innovation, Character, and Teamwork. 

Congratulations to the recipients of the fall 2023 AOE award: Lauren Osowski, Dillon Reynold, Kenton Brose, Dylan Budnack, and Zach Hochevar



Lauren Osowski, GIS Analyst
Water Resources Engineering

The Act: SEH holds an on-call contract with a client and was asked to help with their struggling GIS information services program. Taking charge of this project, Lauren consistently delivered outstanding results for the client. She addressed challenges and guided staff, playing a significant role in the overdue development of their GIS system. Managing the entire project from the beginning, Lauren fostered a strong working relationship with the client’s staff. She met project deadlines effectively, leaving a positive impression on the client who commended her achievements. 



Dillon Reynolds, Resident Project Representative
Construction Services 

The Act: Dillon joined SEH in March 2023, working from our Delafield, Wisconsin, office. When an opportunity presented itself to lead fieldwork for a project in Minot, North Dakota, Dillon stepped up without hesitation. He was willing to assist and committed to essentially living out of a suitcase for the initial two months to help ensure the project’s success from start to finish.

Dillon took ownership of the project, implementing effective methods for tracking quantities and seeking constructive feedback. His professionalism, positive work ethic, and attention to detail resonated well with the project team and contractors, earning him the respect and cooperation needed to deliver noteworthy results. 



Top L: Kenton Brose, Professional Engineer (NC, WI)
Top R: Dylan Budnack, Professional Engineer (FL, GA, SC)
Bottom: Zach Hochevar, Technician
Civil Engineering

The Act: Kenton, Dylan, and Zach successfully delivered a 62-acre final development plan for a 227-lot residential subdivision in Kernersville, North Carolina, finishing three weeks early despite unforeseen challenges. Taking charge as project manager and lead designer, Kenton navigated hurdles, orchestrating a condensed three-and-a-half-day timeline. His extra commitment, supported by the collaborative efforts of Dylan and Zach as project designers, was crucial in meeting the stringent deadline. Despite facing unexpected obstacles, the trio worked tirelessly, exceeding conventional expectations. Kenton's leadership, complemented by Dylan and Zach's collective efforts, ensured the timely submission of high-quality plans, demonstrating their dedication and ability to overcome challenges.

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