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Whatever You Celebrate, Make Your Holidays Sweet

Whatever You Celebrate, Make Your Holidays Sweet

May this season of gathering, across time zones and countries, at tables of all sizes and shapes, remind us of the true delights that make life a little brighter.

At SEH, these moments of joining, of sharing traditions both old and new, serve as a reminder of why we do what we do. Thank you for being part of our mission of Building a Better World for All of Us®.

Sweet Treat Schematics [Poem]

When friends and family arrive in a brigade to taste the treats your trembling hands have made, fear not dear foodies, for you have a plan to whip something up less complicated than a flan!


Structurally sound and measured just right, (1) Spiced to Scale Gingerbread Dough bakes into infrastructure sure to delight.

Sweet on the tongue with a hidden surprise, these (2) Top of the Water Tower Cupcakes offer a scrumptious view to dazzle the eyes!

If you’d prefer a brownfield or fresh grove of trees, the (3) Recla-Cake-Ation Oreo Dirt Dessert will put you at ease.

With a flood of sweet juice in every small slice, a (4) Well-Worth Eating Blueberry Cheesecake will turn even your sourest relatives nice.

For a merger of taste buds in spherical form, this (5) Round-Abundt Butter Bundt Cake won’t leave your kitchen looking wrecked after a storm. 

Soon enough the recipes will start flowing, and you may even receive some reviews that are glowing. But if your bakes don’t resemble the plan you designed, it’s being together that matters, so no one will mind!