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SEH Announces 2023 Act of Excellence Annual Award Winners

We’re proud to announce that Erin Jordan, Alec Babin, Samantha Fanion, Cesar Molina, and Jordan Townsend are the 2023 SEH Act of Excellence (AOE) annual awards winners!

We interviewed the awardees to honor their contributions and celebrate their achievements, asking what this recognition means to them.

Meet our 2023 AOE winners

Photo of all the Act of Excellence winners

Top left: Accomplishment/Innovation Erin Jordan, PE (IA, MN, WI)
Top right: Character, Alec Babin, Graduate Engineer 
Bottom left to right: Team, Samantha Fanion, Graduate Engineer; Jordan Townsend, PE (CO), and Cesar Molina, Engineer-in-Training (CO)

Q. What does this award mean to you personally?

Erin Jordan

This award is very special and meaningful to me, and I appreciate the time my peers took to write the nomination and acknowledge my contributions to our traffic team and SEH. It makes me feel proud of the work that I am doing and allows me the confidence to continue delivering quality products alongside my colleagues. My team is always setting the bar high!

Alec Babin

It's great to be recognized by SEH, showing that SEH truly cares for its employees.

Samantha Fanion

This was my first major award as an engineer, so I feel very fortunate to have been part of such an amazing team!

Cesar Molina

Being named an Act of Excellence Annual Winner means a great deal to me. It is an honor to receive such an award and I feel fortunate to work for a company that notices my hard work and rewards me for it. This award also encourages me to continue growing my professional career at SEH and contribute to the company’s success.

Q. How has this award changed your perspective or goals?

Erin Jordan

We all experience imposter syndrome throughout our careers; for me, this award overshadowed any feelings of doubt I may have had at the time and has allowed me to recognize my contributions and build on my confidence as a project manager and engineer.

Alec Babin

I am humbled to know the work I do is appreciated and valued.

Samantha Fanion

Since I’m early in my career, receiving this Act of Excellence Award has improved my confidence in both my engineering skills and teamwork.

Cesar Molina

This award changed my perspective and goals in a very positive way. First, this award allowed me to meet and interact with company leaders, which greatly impacted the way I think about SEH. They are all very nice people who work hard to improve the company and their employees. This experience made me realize that I am valued as an SEH employee and helps me stay motivated. Second, this award allowed me to have a better understanding of the paths that I can take at SEH to reach my potential and have a positive impact on the company.

Erin, Alec, Samantha, and Cesar receiving their awards from Dave Ott

Curious about the nominations? Here’s a quick snapshot of their incredible accomplishments:

Erin Jordan developed a resource tool and guidance memo to coordinate the design and integration of multimodal transportation facilities for the BRT corridor project, involving collaboration with multiple agencies and internal technical reviews.

Alec Babin willingly volunteered to assist a project manager in managing a project that involved daily construction inspections. During the oversight of the project, an unexpected water main rupture occurred, making it necessary to remain onsite well into the evening to facilitate the repair and restoration of water services.

Samantha Fanion, Cesar Molina, and Jordan Townsend completed a 14-week construction observation assignment for a substantial airport pavement project, including a 10-day airport shutdown, continuous round-the-clock work, and an additional 20 nights of work. Despite managing multiple shifts lasting over 12 hours, they executed their responsibilities flawlessly throughout the project.