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The State of Water Infrastructure [eBook]

The State of Water Infrastructure [eBook]

Trends, challenges and how to be proactive amidst constant change.

In this eBook, SEH water and wastewater experts share 8 trends that are re-shaping the industry, challenges and steps you can take to capitalize on the historic opportunities at hand.

Section cover pages in eBook


In particular, here’s what you’ll find:

  • 8 drinking water, wastewater and stormwater trends, including:
    • Why U.S. water infrastructure has a D+ grade
    • The impact of population migration from cities to suburbs
    • What you need to know about emerging contaminants like PFAS
    • Climate resilience through hazard mitigation and smart technology
    • Water reuse strategies to offset growing demand
  • 7 signs your infrastructure (e.g., wastewater facility) is in need of closer evaluation
  • 6 keys to long-term flood resiliency
  • 4 ways your community benefits from a utility rate study

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