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We're Hiring

Turner Perrow Named Civil Regional Leader in Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin

Turner Perrow, PE (MD, MN, NC, VA), has been named Regional Practice Center Leader (RPCL) for Civil in Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. With an impressive career spanning 27 years in the industry, Turner is committed to delivering top-notch solutions and strengthening trust, credibility, and confidence among clients and colleagues.

“I am confident that Turner’s strategic and collaborative leadership approach, combined with a genuine desire to help others succeed, will greatly benefit us now and in the future. Turner’s leadership will center around nurturing the talents of the civil team, driving innovation, ensuring quality standards, and providing career growth and development opportunities.”
-    Greg Weyandt, SEH Vice President, Regional Leader

Since joining SEH in 2021, Turner has played a pivotal role in expanding SEH's presence in the mid-Atlantic area and successfully establishing the Charlottesville, Virginia, office. His outstanding contributions include securing numerous civil and water-related projects and introducing SEH’s aviation, transportation, and architecture practices to Virginia and North Carolina clients.

“I am excited about this new role and look forward to collaborating with staff and clients as we grow our civil portfolio in innovative and exciting ways. By fostering collaboration, employees within the civil team can solve problems, learn from one another, improve efficiency, and create a stronger sense of connection and engagement.”
-    Turner Perrow

Get to know Turner better as we dive into this Q&A session.



What aspect(s) of the Civil RPCL role are you most excited about?

I’m excited about the challenge of leading such an established group of dedicated professionals. The civil team deeply understands municipal clients’ needs. I look forward to leveraging this expertise to benefit our clients in Wisconsin and Indiana and expand our reach to Virginia, Michigan, and North Carolina.

As you focus on driving growth in Virginia and North Carolina, how do you plan to balance guiding SEH’s civil engineering initiatives in Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin?

Before taking this role, a colleague recommended I read “The First 90 Days” by Michael D. Watkins, which offered valuable insights. In this role, I will encourage and empower our teammates based on my growth-driving experiences and learning about areas. Growing our company is a team effort, and together with our great civil practice team, we can achieve more and drive growth across the region. 

What does success look like to you? What do you hope to bring to clients in this new role?

My career did not begin in sales. I came up as an engineer and project manager. This technical background has allowed me to see things with the eyes of an engineer to best support our clients and the teams we put in place on their behalf.

It’s also led to a client-centric approach to business development that goes far beyond closing deals. SEH is not here to sell you a bill of goods and put pen to paper; we are here to understand your needs, establish trusted relationships, provide solutions that last and set your communities up to thrive for the long term.

How do you personally contribute to creating a positive and collaborative work environment?

Work is important, but why not have some fun along the way?  I find excitement in the work we do – improving our environment, creating better places to live, and truly Building a Better World for All of Us®. We need to celebrate our successes, laugh together, and not take ourselves too seriously. I try to provide additional positive energy and support to our team, helping us navigate challenging times and celebrate our achievements. May there be more celebrations than stress!

Could you share a valuable lesson or advice you’ve learned throughout your career?

One important lesson I’ve learned is that if you make a mistake, own it, and learn from it. Be truthful, even when it is difficult. Clients and coworkers will respect you more when you are honest, even if the message is difficult. Personal integrity is a rare trait these days, making it more valuable when found. Someone once advised me that leaders accept blame but share praise – a piece of excellent advice.

How will the “Together from Anywhere” approach align with your new responsibilities?

The “Together from Anywhere” approach presents an opportunity and a challenge. While clients prefer having a local point of contact, project managers must be close to their steady client base. However, the work itself can be done from anywhere, opening doors to regional growth based on the location of our employees. If a team member delivers work from Oklahoma for a client in Michigan, why couldn’t they also develop a new client in Oklahoma?  Overall, this approach allows clients access to expertise anywhere, allowing for greater flexibility in finding the resources for their needs.

Highlighting the commitment to the “Together from Anywhere” approach, Turner will continue to be based in Virginia.

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