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16th Street Mall Reconstruction


In the heart of downtown Denver lies the historic 16th Street Mall, serving as a vibrant hub of urban life for over four decades. However, as time went on, the need to revitalize the corridor became apparent.  

Focusing on a fast-paced schedule and preserving the Mall’s historic integrity, the project involves coordinating with the City and County of Denver as the project owner and multiple stakeholders, including Denver Water, Downtown Denver Business Improvement District, and RTD (Regional Transportation District), to ensure all needs are addressed.

Collage of project photos 16th Street Mall



The 13-block design-build reconstruction project, with an estimated cost of $176 million, aims to revitalize the downtown Denver corridor and enhance pedestrian and mall transit safety while updating the aging infrastructure. This 1.25-mile-long corridor runs along 16th Street in downtown Denver from Market Street (at Union Station) to the intersection of 16th Avenue and Broadway (at Civic Center Station). PCL Construction brought in SEH as a subconsultant to provide design and construction services related to traffic signal design, traffic management, and overall project design-deliverable quality assurance. Developing comprehensive Maintenance of Traffic plans to minimize disruptions during construction is vital. SEH ensures deadlines are met by carefully sequencing design deliverables and phasing construction without compromising safety or quality.

Quality Assurance

SEH acts as Design Quality Assurance Manager, working with PCL Construction to prepare a Design Quality Management Plan (DQMP) approved by the City and County of Denver. Quality assurance reviews are conducted, and certification of the process is provided for each design package milestone submittal, ensuring the design team follows quality control procedures. Retaining the same review team throughout the project, SEH maintains consistency of the rapid-paced reviews for this dynamic project. SEH regularly participates in project meetings with PCL, the design team, and the City to continually keep apprised of changes and requirements on the project. When reviews are required, the SEH team coordinates internally to meet or exceed deadlines on this project.

Traffic Management

Coordination between the City and County of Denver and RTD has been crucial. SEH continues to navigate complex regulatory requirements and secure necessary approvals. Extensive stakeholder coordination is essential for the method of handling traffic (MHT) and signal design. This involves collaboration with PCL for construction methods, the City and County of Denver for vehicular movement requirements, and RTD to develop detour routes and temporary shuttle stops.

Pedestrian Safety

Managing pedestrian activity has been a significant aspect of the project. Recognizing the 16th Street Mall's importance as a pedestrian hub, SEH is ensuring accessible and safe routes throughout construction. Clear pathways to businesses, residences, and attractions are minimizing disruption to local commerce and maintaining foot traffic along the Mall.

The successful execution of the 16th Street Mall Project will ensure Denver's iconic landmark is primed for a revitalized future, reclaiming its status as a vibrant centerpiece of City life.


16th Street Mall Reconstruction Design-Build


Denver, Colorado


PCL Construction Enterprises, Inc.

  • Complex delivery and construction phasing to minimize impacts on traffic and pedestrian flow
  • Allows for businesses, residences, and attractions to remain accessible and functional through walkable pathways in the Mall
  • Coordination with multiple agencies to meet detour requirements while ensuring all deadlines are met
  • Fast-paced design quality assurance services for a robust quality control program
  • Highway design 
  • Traffic engineering 
  • Construction services
  • Quality assurance services