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2018 Pinecone Road Improvements

2018 Pinecone Road Improvements


A new high school was set to open in the City of Sartell. The rural road that serviced the high school was too narrow and could not adequately provide the safety and efficiency for drivers and pedestrians that the new high school would require.


The City partnered with SEH to redesign Pinecone Road to better service the new high school. The existing roadway was inadequate to serve the additional 2,500 trips the high school would add. In response, the project team expanded Pinecone Road from a 24 ft., two lane rural road to a 45 ft. wide urban section with off-road bike lanes. The project team also integrated two roundabouts and a three-quarter intersection which helped to reduce crash probability by 44%.

The new roundabout at 35th Street made sure left turns into the school parking lot would occur against slower moving southbound traffic, further reducing crash potential.

The project team also provided radar feedback signage to let drivers know their speed throughout the heavily travelled corridor, as well as wayfinding signage throughout the corridor and along the bike path.

The SEH team collaborated with the School District to provide stormwater treatment for both the roadway and the development of the high school into a single, larger infiltration basin rather than into multiple ponds.

To keep the project on track, the SEH team developed and implemented a significant public outreach campaign. The team worked closely with the City and School District to engage and inform the public at the onset of the project. The public engagement efforts were key in delivering this project and addressing public concerns about safety surrounding the new school building.

The public outreach efforts included multiple public information meetings as well as in-home meetings with residents. SEH prepared renderings that, in conjunction with informational videos, were shared via the school and City’s social media accounts, reaching tens of thousands of stakeholders.


  • Honor Award | American Council of Engineering Companies, Minnesota Chapter (ACEC-MN)

Project Name
2018 Pinecone Road Improvements

Sartell, Minnesota

City of Sartell


  • 2 roundabouts
  • Three-quarter intersection
  • Radar feedback signage
  • Push button pedestrian crossing systems
  • Off-road bike lanes
  • 45 ft. wide urban road


  • Civil engineering
  • Community engagement
  • Construction services
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Highway design
  • Mechanical/electrical engineering
  • Planning and landscape architecture
  • Traffic engineering
  • Transportation planning
  • Water resources engineering