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2nd Street SW Reconstruction

2nd Street SW Reconstruction


2nd Street SW, which runs through the heart of Rochester, Minnesota, past the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, had experienced an increase in vehicle, pedestrian and bus traffic. The thoroughfare had to be redesigned to better accommodate all modes of traffic, while improving visual appeal and pedestrian amenities.


A complete reconstruction of 2nd Street introduced five new bus shelters, an enhanced streetscape with better lighting, and unique stormwater applications making it a more welcoming, vibrant and connected place.


  • 2011 Minnesota Engineering Excellence | Honor Award, American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC)
  • 2013 Minnesota Engineering Excellence | Grand Award, American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC)

2nd Street SW Reconstruction

Rochester, Minn.

City of Rochester


  • Rain gardens
  • Median bioswales
  • Porous concrete parking stalls
  • LED lighting
  • Ornamental railings
  • Increased green space
  • Enhanced pedestrian crossings
  • Stone piers
  • Unique concrete pavement