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Residential intersection with red stoplight

Cheyenne 19th Street Rehabilitation


The City of Cheyenne was experiencing a resurgence of downtown living and economic growth which placed greater demand on an aging infrastructure including roadways, storm drains and walkways. The City needed to  rehabilitate and replace some of the streets, storm sewers and utilities in an effort to improve traffic and pedestrian flow, parking and streetscapes. They also needed to increase the capabilities of the wet and dry utilities to better manage growth.


Approximately 20 blocks of roadway and utilities were improved, stretching from Crow Creek to Morrie Avenue on 19th Street. This project included reconstructing the existing street pavement, replacing damaged curb and gutter and sidewalk, removing existing double-gutter parking lanes, improving storm sewer facilities, replacement of watermain and services, repair and replacement of sanitary sewermain, incorporating ADA improvements and two new traffic signals, along with extensive landscape restoration.

The project used a wide range of techniques and materials for the utility piping. Flexibility in solutions were key as both dig and replace and cured-in-place rehabilitation techniques were used along different sections of the road. In addition, certain sections of 19th Street had minimal cover and very shallow depth for the new infrastructure, thus shallow cover depth material and elliptical pipes were used. These unique pipes alternatives enabled installation depth of only 12 inches below the finished surface. In addition, under a railroad track crossing, excavations and new pipe infrastructure was installed at depths of 24 feet.

Cheyenne 19th Street Rehabilitation

Cheyenne, Wyoming

City of Cheyenne


  • ADA improvements
  • Reduced crown on roadway for better carrying capacity
  • Water quality treatment prior to discharge to Crow Creek
  • Uniform approach to water service replacement
  • Aesthetic paver pattern sidewalk treatments in the Business Improvement District


  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Services
  • Structural Engineering
  • Survey
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Water Engineering
  • Wastewater Engineering
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Permitting