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Aerial view of crude oil loading terminal and train

Crude Oil Transloading Facility


A major international oil company needed a facility to accelerate transportation of crude oil.


A large crude oil collection point and rail loading terminal was built with sufficient track to receive a 108-unit train while loading another 108-unit train in under 12 hours.

Crude Oil Transloading Facility

North Dakota

International Oil Company


  • Ability to load a train in under 12 hours
  • Receives crude oil by truck or pipeline
  • 34,500 lineal feet of railroad track
  • 1.7 million cubic yards of excavation
  • 69,500 cubic yards of gravel and ballast
  • A 1,100-foot steel loadout building to cover the dual 108-unit loading platform
  • Two 6.3-million-gallon crude oil storage tanks, plus space for two future tanks
  • A three-track rail car maintenance building equipped with overhead crane, inspection pit, turntables and jacks
  • Multiple on-site buildings including an operations facility, pump building and fire protection building


  • Feasibility studies
  • Conceptual layout
  • Environmental permitting
  • Engineering
  • Construction management