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Looking down into a sewer pipe

I-394 Sanitary Sewer Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation


To allow for future development, the City of Golden Valley, Minnesota, needed a clear picture of inflow and infiltration (I&I) challenges and sewer capacity constraints within their sanitary sewer system. They also needed a cost-effective method to address any issues that were found.


The SEH trenchless team had a solution that addressed both of these needs. I&I potential was detected using 3D manhole scans and ElectroScan inspections on manholes and pipes within the sewer system. The results of these analyses were reviewed against cost estimates for rehabilitation, which were then used to determine which assets to rehabilitate based on cost per gallon per minute of I&I removal.

Knowing the most cost-effective rehabilitation methods, SEH used a hydraulic model to determine how much I&I to remove and where to remove it. Finally, SEH prepared bidding documents for the rehabilitation using manhole lining, CIPP pipe renewal and sanitary sewer lateral repairs using trenchless methods.

Project Name
I-394 Sanitary Sewer Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation

Golden Valley, Minnesota

City of Golden Valley, Minnesota


  • 200 3-D manhole scans
  • ElectroScan of 8-21 in. sewer pipes
  • Developed GIS Asset data
  • Prepared construction documents for rehabilitation of 6,500 feet of sewer pipe and 19 manholes


  • Manhole Condition Assessments
  • Pipeline Condition Assessments
  • Evaluation of Rehabilitation Techniques