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We're Hiring
Large solid waste yard with earth moving machinery

La Crosse County Solid Waste System Master Services Agreement


La Crosse County’s Solid Waste System is an award‐winning provider of solid waste services to 5 counties and 27 municipalities in Wisconsin and Minnesota. With a waste-to-energy program, a 350 acre landfill complex, a landfill gas‐to‐energy system and more than a dozen landfill diversion and materials reuse programs, the County sought a single consultant partner that could meet all of its diverse planning, engineering, scientific and public outreach needs.


The SEH team developed and implemented a five-year master services agreement to deliver all technical and public outreach services in 2009. The agreement was extended for an additional five years in 2014.

La Crosse County Solid Waste System Master Services Agreement

La Crosse County, Wisconsin

La Crosse County


  • Solid waste system master planning
  • Landfill design, permitting and compliance for multiple new and closed cells
  • Site entrance/roadway design
  • Operational assistance (landfill and gas-to-energy systems)
  • Communications and public outreach program


  • Solid waste planning
  • Permitting and compliance
  • Engineering design    
  • Communications/public relations