Fixing a Multi-Use Corridor with a Multi-Faceted Approach in Lake Elmo


The City of Lake Elmo spent over a decade working on plans for bringing sanitary sewer to serve its downtown area including residential and commercial properties as well as the Lake Elmo Elementary School. Sewer plans had been developed, however any project implementation resulted in the requirement to solve several additional issues at once including frequent and historic flooding in the downtown area (the downtown area had been built decades ago without a defined stormwater management system), the need to replace the aging watermain system constructed in the 1960’s, and the need to address the street reconstruction once the sanitary sewer had been installed. In particular, the main corridor that the sewer needed to be installed was a County State Aid Highway and the City’s main downtown street.


We worked closely with the City of Lake Elmo to design, construct and finance a cooperative project that included a combined total of 1.5 miles of roadway with underlying utilities.


  • Provided sanitary sewer to eliminate failing septic systems
  • Reduced the extent and impacts of historical and persistent flooding
  • Replaced aging water main that was experiencing frequent breaks and provide better water pressure and fire flows to the area
  • Improved pedestrian facilities and connectivity
  • Improved roadway facilities


  • Honorable Mention, Public Works Project of the Year Award | American Public Works Association-MN Chapter (APWA-MN)

CSAH (Lake Elmo Avenue) Corridor Management and Safety Improvement

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