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Magnolia Trails

Magnolia Trails: Seamless SID-Driven Development in Omaha


The completion of Magnolia Trails, a single-family residential development in Douglas County, Nebraska, required streamlined, seamless collaboration between public entities and private stakeholders to support the development of Sanitary and Improvement District (SID) 631.

Magnolia Trails plat map


Falcone Land Development and consultant PEC, LLC collaborated with SEH to plan, design, and construct the 206-lot single-family residential subdivision within the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) of Omaha. SEH’s comprehensive services included entitlements, platting, site design, and construction administration.

Efficient stakeholder engagement

The team’s goal was to transform a potentially difficult project into a smooth process through effective project management, collaboration, and coordination. Throughout this project, SEH worked with multiple stakeholders to navigate the intricacies of city planning, SID requirements, permit requirements, and environmental considerations, including the City of Omaha, Douglas County, US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Papio Missouri River Natural Resources District (Papio NRD), Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE), Douglas County Health, and neighboring properties.

Navigating complex coordination

In the development stage of SIDs, various elements posed unique coordination challenges. For Magnolia Trails, this can’t be understated as there were multiple hurdles to coordinate from initial conceptualization.

First, a portion of the site sits in the FEMA Floodway and Flood Fringe. Utilizing up to 25% of the Flood Fringe for development, per City of Omaha Floodplain Development regulations, SEH and its partners provided analysis for a No Rise Certification for the Sunburst Avenue connection to North 216th Street. This connection included a twin 5 ft. by 7 ft. box culvert, which SEH and its partners provided design and environmental permitting through the USACE.

Before the ownership group led by Falcone Land Development purchased the property, Papio NRD acquired a portion for their flood control project (Dam Site 12). This led to collaboration between Magnolia Trails, Douglas County, and Papio NRD, for the purposes of widening 216th Street for interim access to Magnolia Trails at Sunburst Avenue and Grand Avenue, the future realignment of North 216th Street (west), and a portion of Fort Street (north). The future dam site not only addresses water management but also provides opportunities for recreational activities. A half-mile trail connecting from the intersection of 216th Street and Maple Road to the development further enhances appeal and connectivity.

In addition, SID 611 – Arbor View neighbored the entire eastern lot line of Magnolia Trails. While the southern half (Phase 1) was constructed and could be topographically surveyed, the northern half (Phase II) was in design, which required further coordination with Arbor View’s developer and engineer for file transfer, grading tie-ins, storm sewer, and paving connections.

Ensuring SID criteria is met

The site layout strategically met cost-effective SID criteria, incorporating careful lot design for accurate evaluations, facilitating gradual SID-related debt repayment through taxes. SEH assisted the developer in preparing an opinion of probable cost and a source and use of funds for the SID.

 WHAT IS A SANITARY IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT (SID)? A SID is a special district in Nebraska formed by a developer to provide basic services for a new development (residential, commercial, or industrial). Bonds and warrants are taken out within the neighborhood, funding infrastructure development. Homeowners repay these bonds through taxes. Once fully paid off, the City may annex it for tax revenue. Note: While SIDs are not found in other states, there are similar forms of local government with comparable functions and powers.

Successful project management

SEH effectively managed project tasks by ensuring optimal communication and collaboration with all stakeholders, facilitating a harmonious and efficient process for an overall seamless development phase. The team's commitment goes beyond the present work, as they intentionally anticipate challenges that may arise in the future.

The project began in May 2023 and construction is expected to conclude by fall 2024. Grading was completed at the end of 2023, and utilities and paving are anticipated to be completed by fall 2024. Public utility providers will subsequently install water, gas lines, and power followed by the construction of foundations and vertical construction of homes. SEH is providing on-site supervision and quality control throughout the public infrastructure construction phases.

Through intentional planning and effective collaboration, Magnolia Trails is positioned to be an attractive, functional, and sustainable subdivision, enhancing the area's quality of life, increasing property values, and contributing to regional economic development.

Magnolia Trails Development

Omaha, Nebraska



  • 206-lot single-family residential subdivision

  • Supports goals and implementation of Sanitary Improvement District (SID)

  • Extensive stakeholder coordination


  • Civil engineering 
  • Construction management
  • Entitlements (platting) 
  • Sanitary sewer
  • Stormwater management