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Mann Valley Corporate Park land

Mann Valley Corporate Park: A Blueprint for Sustainable Development


In June 2022, the River Falls City Council gave the green light for a progressive project that promises to reshape the community’s economic landscape. Situated on the west side of the City, with direct access to Highway 35 and minutes from the I-94 artery, the Mann Valley Corporate Park development spans over 200 acres and is set to become the largest corporate park within City limits, offering one of the most substantial pieces of land available for industrial development in the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area.

However, a project of this size and complexity comes with several challenges requiring experienced project management, efficient resource allocation, and proactive stakeholder engagement.


The City of River Falls collaborated with SEH to provide planning, design, and engineering for the Mann Valley Corporate Park project. This partnership was built upon previous work SEH had delivered at this site, including water-related planning services before the City’s acquisition of the land. Additionally, in 2020 and 2021, SEH conducted a detailed analysis of the site and its infrastructure, presenting their findings to City staff. This initial design phase prompted the City to reconsider its assumptions about roadways, utilities, and stormwater management.

The Capital Improvement Plan for 2022-2026 designates $13.9 million for Mann Valley in both 2023 and 2024. Although initial estimates suggest a total cost of $16.5 million, dedication to fiscal responsibility and careful resource allocation guarantees sufficient financial resources to handle unforeseen expenses that may emerge during the construction phase. In 2022, SEH delivered a revised conceptual layout that is projected to save River Falls millions in upfront infrastructure construction costs compared to the previous concept. The City's foresight in financial planning is a crucial component of its strategy for overcoming any challenges ahead.

Recognizing that a significant percentage of the project scope includes the installation of water main from the Radio Road interchange to the corporate park, in early 2022, the City authorized SEH to complete final design for the Radio Road water main to serve Mann Valley. The team also performed survey and geotechnical work needed in preparation for the final design.

Throughout the design phase, the SEH team provided traffic impact and operations analysis, water system analysis, lift station design, utility permitting and coordination, hydrology, floodplain analysis, stormwater management, trail alignments and design, access road intersection design, lighting and landscape architecture, and bidding services.

The project also avoided permanent impacts to environmentally sensitive areas, such as wetlands and waterways, through site layout and design alternatives. 

Some of the most notable aspects of the project include: 

  • Excavation of 125,000 cu. yd. of earthwork
  • Laying 3.4 miles of sanitary sewer with a wastewater pumping station
  • Installing 4.5 miles of water main with a pressure-reducing station
  • Constructing 3,900 ft. of roadways
  • Creating two miles of utility maintenance and multi-use trails 

As of May 2023, the City Council signaled the kick-off of construction for September 2023. The project is expected to be completed in October 2024. With a dedicated team, a solid financial foundation, and a strategic vision, the City is poised to overcome the challenges ahead and turn Mann Valley Corporate Park into a thriving economic epicenter that will benefit the community for generations.

Mann Valley Corporate Park

River Falls, Wisconsin

City of River Falls


  • Revised layout saving millions in construction costs
  • Over 200 acres of development
  • Site layout alternatives to avoid impacts to the surrounding environment
  • Installation of water distribution and sewer collection systems serving Mann Valley
  • Redirected regional stormwater flow to provide flexibility in developable parcel size


  • Civil engineering
  • Natural resource scientists
  • Traffic engineering
  • Transportation planning
  • Wastewater engineering
  • Water engineering
  • Floodplain analysis
  • Street and trail lighting design
  • Topographic and legal land surveying
  • Wetland delineations and permitting
  • Geotechnical analysis
  • Drone services
  • Stormwater engineering
  • Landscape architecture