Improving Traffic and Safety Through Roundabout Design


The intersection of Peakview and Peoria in Centennial, Colorado, had many concerns: drivers and pedestrians had difficulty crossing, the pavement was damaged from heavy trucks, and traffic had increased due to commercial and industrial development.


The SEH team designed a roundabout that allowed vehicle traffic, including industrial semi-trucks, and pedestrians to safely travel through the intersection. The project also included water quality swales to help protect the sensitive Cherry Creek basin.

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  • Wide medians and speed reduction curves to help address safety concerns
  • Detailed traffic control plan minimized business impacts
  • Water quality swales in the landscaped areas reduce 25,000 square-feet of impervious area

Peakview Peoria Roundabout Design

Centennial, Colo.

City of Centennial


  • Civil Engineering
  • Traffic Control Plan